15 Curious Cases of US Presidents That Still Need Some Answers

Did President Truman cover-up a UFO?

From Congressional records, we know John Quincy Adams believed the earth was hollow. If only there were Congressional records to shed light on whether Harry S. Truman, our 33rd President, believed that outer-space-aliens landed in Roswell, New Mexico…or whether he ordered a cover-up of all evidence of such landing.

What we do know is that in July 1947, the military actually announced that a UFO had crash-landed in the Roswell desert, and the next day, they said, sorry, nope, that didn’t actually happen.

Somewhere in between, President Harry S. Truman is believed to have turned up in Roswell to examine the crash site. The question remains, did our 33rd president orchestrate what may be American history’s most massive UFO cover-up? Roswell isn’t the only place conspiracy theorists believe aliens may have landed—find out all the U.S. government secrets about Area 51, another suspected alien hotspot.


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