25 Shocking Photos of People in Walmart

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Luck Number “No Thank You”!

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51 thoughts on “25 Shocking Photos of People in Walmart”

  1. It is really pitiful that you put this evidence of total stupidity on the internet. It gives the people that want to make fools of themselves incentive to keep doing totally abhorrent activities in public places.

    1. Glen 7/22 /2019

      and guess who is dumb enough to look at it Ellen… its like porn u don’t like it.. don’t look!!!

  2. You showed the ugliest man picture that I have ever seen!
    Your caption was: “A former movie star that every woman ant one time wish she could marry!”

  3. I feel sorry for parents trying to raise daughters with a degree of modesty in a world gone mad where anything goes without limits.

    . It’s time to start giving lessons in manners and decorum.

  4. I hope everyone realizes that all of these Walmart photos are staged. The anti Walmart people have been doing this for years. They are all fake like everything else coming from the left.

  5. I am a Hair Dresser….. but “What the HELL” looks really like these people who do this are really underclassed..

  6. She could have nipple hiders, but it doesn’t seem to even know about them. Simple as Simple does.

  7. She could have nipple hiders, but it doesn’t seem to even know about them. Simple as Simple does. And apparently, she doesn’t own a bra either.

  8. Yea these all must be seasonal shots not every day seen at all Wal-Marts. Just like several in Sacramento,CA are famous for similar customers waring similar risque or over exposed body parts. Then saw a Clerk at Vacaville,CA Wal-Mart exposed her Boobs-Flashing fully exposures in back Isles 8-years ago from 2019 in 2011 paper Products,Can Food section. Then was Fired caught by Management finally. It is one thing customer dress(Trashy) during Summer Months or during time going to Beaches,Lakes,Halloween Dress Up. Then New Years Eve parties clothes.Yes Risque more Skin other Body parts poor Taste around small Children is not good judgement. Adults or X-Rated nice sometimes. Yet not at Wal-Mart. Then Adult-XRated Okey at Adult Resorts,Hotels listed for Adults Only places or even Family Naturalist Resorts Fine. (Not at Wal-Mart’s)

  9. The last photo did not happen in a Wal Mart Store….#25. I worked for Wal Mart for over 25 years and they have never has barcodes or shelf labels that look like that. That is some cheesy grocery store. Please get your facts straight and stop bashing Wal Mart !!

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