12 Charismatic Retirees Cooler Than Your Young Neighbors

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We’re used to thinking that elderly people don’t have a very active lifestyle compared to when they were younger. They prefer to take care of their grandchildren or talk to other retired people. But the people from this compilation are nothing like this. Despite their age, they get the most out of their lives and pass their positive mood and their will to live onto other people.

These collection of 12 charming retirees who forgot about their age and will make you to enjoy their lives much more than many young people do.

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Linda Rodin, a 69-year-old stylist

Linda Rodin is a stylist from New York who used to be a model for several years and then she became a photographer. Linda became more popular once she decided that 60 years old was the age when life actually starts. That’s when she returned to the fashion industry. Now at 70 years old, she has been the face of different famous brands as she has made a lot of commercials and has been on the covers of many magazines.

When asked how she manages to stay so strong and positive, Rodin says that she realized she wouldn’t become younger and accepted this. She says that aging is normal so she decided to age beautifully with grace.

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