9 Strange Physical Signs That Reveal Major Health Issues

Diagonal earlobe crease

Research has associated an earlobe fold with a higher risk of coronary disease, as it may be a sign of blockage in the arteries. Also, there’s a high frequency of diagonal earlobe crease in patients suffering from hypertension and diabetes mellitus.


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doug - March 11, 2019

I am 80 years of age, I have had an Earlobe fold as for back as I can remember. I have to use a Q-tip to dry it out. I have been going Yearly to a Cardiologist for Ultra sounds, Stress Test, etc.
They find no problems with my heart, Maximum Build up in any artery is 15%. I had diphtheria
when I was two years of age. I survived with a slight Heart Murmur ever since. Some time the Doctor can’t even hear it. It has not changed in seventy eight years.
You ned to stop trying to scare people into buying something.

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