23 Vintage Photos of Parenting That Would Never Fly Today

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“Back in my day, we used to walk 5 miles to school in sub-zero temperatures without batting an eyelid. Not like you spoiled little brats these days!” We all have an older relative who says things like this, despairing of the coddled youth with their smartphones, crappy music and parents that seemingly can’t say no to their every demand.

And you know what? They might actually have a point. Although the world might seem like a more dangerous place now, kids of previous generations had to make their own entertainment, learn to look after themselves from a younger age and take far more risks while doing so. Parents didn’t have things like Mumsnet to help them with every little issue or, alternatively, guilt and stress them out for giving kids too much freedom to learn from their own mistakes.

To celebrate the more eccentric approaches of old-school parenting, we here at Bored Panda have put together a list of parents and their kids doing things that would horrify the mommy and daddy bloggers and Instagrammers of today. What’s your opinion on the evolution of parenting over the years? Scroll down below to check out the vintage photos for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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14 thoughts on “23 Vintage Photos of Parenting That Would Never Fly Today”

  1. Those were the days! However, we were taught honor, manners and respect toward the elders. Now every generation has its own name, millennials, zombie generation; yet although the claim to be smarter than we were, which I doubt, they do not have the three qualities I just mentioned.

      1. Thomas Weddle

        You are not smarter. You have computers to look every thing you want to know. We had to do it by hard work. We also didn’t spoil our children to the point that they are absolute little animals with no manners or respect for any one. We also to a great extent had no problem with obesity as We were outside playing and not sitting in the house being vegetables.Also We worked our way through school and nobody thought anything was wrong with that. Today any one who does go onto college says that is to hard. Also our modern young parents allow the schools to let any child who gets mad to be told what a horrible person they are and to not be the children they are and not allowed to have fun and run so you get fat problems. Ilook at society today and am disgusted with it. That doesn’t make you smarter just bigger mouthed.

  2. That’s the way the world revolved. Yep, some really dumb A$$ things we wouldn’t do today. Remember, in another 40 to 80 years, others will say the same about today standards. What goes around comes around.

  3. Out of the 24 photos, I still didn’t see anything wrong…in fact, I’ll go one step furthe… I laughed at each one because I did , in form or fashion, every one of those with my children….. Come on guys. I think we’ve gone way overboard with “safety and security” of our youth and have robbed them of the one thing essential in all lives…fun. A sterile youth is not a memorable one….

  4. Love these photos remember some similar times well..
    We all survived despite of riding a bike with out a helmet and no cell phone.
    People are soft now

    1. Fact-I had more skinned knees, and elbows, in any one year of my childhood, than my son has had in 21 years.

  5. Loved them all, roller skating downhill with no pads, no — brakes and just hoping to stop. I agree with another comment what goes around comes around, but the next generation will have to learn where they went wrong. I still say those of us born in the 50’s had a great deal more fun

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