20 Perfect Suburbs to Retire in USA

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Leaving behind big-city life for retirement in the suburbs can provide you with a slower pace of life and help you save money on housing and other living expenses. We scored and ranked the best suburbs for retirement based on a number of factors, including cost of living comparisons, median home prices and property tax rates. These suburban areas are ideal for retirees who want to enjoy their post-employment years in peace.

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2 thoughts on “20 Perfect Suburbs to Retire in USA”

  1. Bill and Betty Atwell

    We live in a nice city called New Smyrna Beach, Fla. 20 miles s. of Daytona Beach Fla. We have the worlds most perfect beach and I have been to a lot of different beaches. We vacationed here more than 20 years ago. So we came down and bought a 2 br. and 2 bath for under 65,000. One of the very best things I have done. We came down from Va. and have not been sorry for one minute. The kids were adults and they love to visit us. We have the best surfing on the east coast. And also buggy bearding. Life here is wonderful. Major Theme Parks are not too far 2 hour drive. We have good Dr. and good hospitals. My health has greatly improved. Thank you, B and B Atwell.

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