Cut Off Your Bills Using These 10 Energy-Saving Tips

Conventional wisdom says to turn your thermostat down in the winter when you want to save on energy costs. Knock it back 10 to 15 degrees, and you’ll save about 10 percent on your heating bill annually.

Some estimates are even more optimistic. According to the California Energy Commission, you can save 5 percent for each degree you set your thermostat below 70. Dialing your thermostat back is a great way to trim costs, but it’s hardly the only option for economically minded homeowners.

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Eleanor Lindway - April 18, 2019

I cut my power bill by $130. My condo is all windows and difficult to heat. After a new furnace installation, the installer said to leave the fan on all the time. But it sometime blew cold air, so, I tried setting it on “auto.” The temperature was more constant and my power bill dropped $130.
I told my friends and they did the same – all with better results. Installers must have stock in power companies !

Mamie Diston - April 25, 2019

Thanks for the wonderful tips, some I didn’t know.

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