These 23 Budget Cities Help Seniors to Retire With $1500/Month

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Finding space in your budget to save and invest money isn’t easy for everyone. In fact, a recent survey by GOBankingRates found that 55 percent of Americans who don’t invest attribute it to not having the money. As such, plenty of Americans are facing down a retirement where their only source of income is a monthly check from the Social Security Administration.

Still, living on a fixed income doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a satisfying retirement. In the right place, you might discover that you can stretch your budget further and spend your golden years enjoying yourself. To help you find such a place, a GOBankingRates study identified American cities where you can realistically retire on a budget of $1,500 a month.

The study found 23 places where the average cost of groceries and healthcare — combined with the median rent of a one-bedroom apartment — collectively comes in at under $1,500. Cities also had to have a Livability Score of 65 or better from AreaVibes and a population where at least 10 percent are 65 or older to be considered for one of the best places to retire on a smaller income.

Go through this list and find out which are the best 22 cities around USA where retirement will cost you less than you’ve ever expected:

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13 thoughts on “These 23 Budget Cities Help Seniors to Retire With $1500/Month”

  1. One out of twenty five…maybe two. I could POSSIBLY live in El Paso, Rexas or Erie , PA…but that is it for this list of 25 potential cities to live rather inexpensively in.

  2. I lived there, and it was nice to cross the border for shopping and dental care. We never had any problems with quality care.


    Cedar Rapids Iowa, you must be joking ! Been there many time it is awful ! How do you like 20 below during the winter and really bad flooding in the Spring with very high humidity in the Summer. No Thank You !


    I have lived in El Paso and it is a surprisingly nice town. Over all great weather. You must like the SW culture and Mexican cuisine !

  5. Does the $1500 per month include the following fixed cost.

    Cost for Medicare Premiums – parts A through XYZ
    Rent for accomodation or if fully paid off – the property taxes, maintenance costs for the home.
    Utility bills -Water, Electricity
    Auto Insurance
    and others…

  6. These are really great, but some Seniors do not even receive that much after working the majority of their lives. I am 80 and did work the majority of my life, but only receive

  7. Actually not a bad place. On the Ohio River, works like a wall and keeps the city somewhat secluded. Last time I was there I did not see much if any graffiti, health care facilities are pretty good.

  8. Aren’t nearly all of these, in the “worst weather” section of North America? Massive storms, floods, and power outages? How will aging seniors deal with that?

    Not cities, these are towns. Do any have public transit? Will I have to take a taxi when I can’t drive? Or will auto ownership, fit into the monthly stipend?

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