These 23 Budget Cities Help Seniors to Retire With $1500/Month

Finding space in your budget to save and invest money isn’t easy for everyone. In fact, a recent survey by GOBankingRates found that 55 percent of Americans who don’t invest attribute it to not having the money. As such, plenty of Americans are facing down a retirement where their only source of income is a monthly check from the Social Security Administration.

Still, living on a fixed income doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a satisfying retirement. In the right place, you might discover that you can stretch your budget further and spend your golden years enjoying yourself. To help you find such a place, a GOBankingRates study identified American cities where you can realistically retire on a budget of $1,500 a month.

The study found 23 places where the average cost of groceries and healthcare — combined with the median rent of a one-bedroom apartment — collectively comes in at under $1,500. Cities also had to have a Livability Score of 65 or better from AreaVibes and a population where at least 10 percent are 65 or older to be considered for one of the best places to retire on a smaller income.

Go through this list and find out which are the best 22 cities around USA where retirement will cost you less than you’ve ever expected:


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norm mathewson - February 8, 2019

whats included in$ 1400 per heat lights water gas costs insurance ect

Steve Horn - February 8, 2019

How about Clearwater Florida

larry melvin - February 8, 2019

What is the cost of rent in lynchburg

BeBop4000 - February 8, 2019

One out of twenty five…maybe two. I could POSSIBLY live in El Paso, Rexas or Erie , PA…but that is it for this list of 25 potential cities to live rather inexpensively in.

Mary DeForest - February 8, 2019

I lived there, and it was nice to cross the border for shopping and dental care. We never had any problems with quality care.

[email protected] - February 8, 2019

Cedar Rapids Iowa, you must be joking ! Been there many time it is awful ! How do you like 20 below during the winter and really bad flooding in the Spring with very high humidity in the Summer. No Thank You !

[email protected] - February 8, 2019

I have lived in El Paso and it is a surprisingly nice town. Over all great weather. You must like the SW culture and Mexican cuisine !

joe - February 9, 2019

Does the $1500 per month include the following fixed cost.

Cost for Medicare Premiums – parts A through XYZ
Rent for accomodation or if fully paid off – the property taxes, maintenance costs for the home.
Utility bills -Water, Electricity
Auto Insurance
and others…

Sharon - February 9, 2019

These are really great, but some Seniors do not even receive that much after working the majority of their lives. I am 80 and did work the majority of my life, but only receive

Frank Gaza - February 9, 2019

Actually not a bad place. On the Ohio River, works like a wall and keeps the city somewhat secluded. Last time I was there I did not see much if any graffiti, health care facilities are pretty good.

DEB - February 10, 2019

What a joke! You couldn’t pay me enough to live in any of these places!!

Ann Sam - February 10, 2019

I can’t imagine living in any of these places….wastelands

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