9 Secret Places on California’s Mysterious Lost Coast

How can something be lost when it can be found on a map? In the case of the Lost Coast in California’s Humboldt County, the region gets its name from a rapid depopulation that took place in the 1930s. The name is also an apt moniker, given that the towering trees and lack of development and tourism has kept it off the tourists’ list.

It is one of the only sections of the California coastline that can’t be accessed by Highway 1.

Here are some of the top mysteries to explore during a trip through the Lost Coast and neighboring spots in Humboldt County.

Fern Canyon

As a trail of only .25 miles, no claims can be made about getting a workout on this hike, but it’s the views that make this trip worthwhile. Step into high canyon walls decorated with ancient ferns, waterfalls of moisture cascading through their leaves in tiny streams to the rocky creek below, and you’ll see at once what the planet was like before humans came onto the scene.

(That’s probably why it was used as a location during a T-Rex chase scene in the second Jurassic Park.)


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