Top 10 Most Dangerous Airports to Avoid

Statistics say that airplanes are the safest way to travel. But, unfortunately, there are tragic events that shocked the world even we’re living in the age of development and technology. For example, look at this video to see how the pilot of a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III can lose airplane’s control in a second…

After the video, we will present you “10 Most Dangerous Airports” from around the world and we’ll explain why each airport has owned this reputation.


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WTTNNJW - April 4, 2019

What about:
LGA -LaGuardia – New York
SAN – San Diego -Lindbergh
MDW- Chicago Midway

Alan Womack - April 5, 2019

You left out Sitka Alaska . You com in at 40* bank dropping fast. Now you drop on a runway that if you cannot get stopped you will be parked in the ocean. Same thing with the take off.
You left out San Diego California. Coming in if you over run the runway you are amongst lots of houses. When you take off on the short runway and don’t make it , you will be in the Pacific Ocean at a speed of 150 mph.
Petersburg Alaska deserves honorable mention. You climb up between two mountains . If you lose power it’s over but to cl an the mess up.

Izzy - April 5, 2019

You mention what countries these airports serve but not the cities . EG. Congonhaas in Brazil.
It is Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo or another city in Brazil.

your name - April 6, 2019

terrible video

[email protected] - April 27, 2019

Are they kidding!??

Samuel Reed - May 19, 2019

Never, Never Make a bank this steep with a aircraft of this size or any aircraft this close
to the ground . Even a student is pilot warned thers is point where you louse all lift and thereis no recovery.

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