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These 10 Rare Dog Breeds Are Just Too Cute for This Planet

Let’s face it — picking a favorite when it comes to dogs is near impossible. Every single breed is worthy of the title “man’s best friend,” especially when you factor in their cuteness. Now, throw in just how extraordinarily unique some canines are and that makes them all the more appealing. Check out these super […]


50 Interesting Collective Nouns From the Animal Kingdom

1. A CACKLE OF HYENAS While clan is the much more accepted term, there’s something very appropriate about cackle. And though their laughs and giggles sound entertaining, they’re really how spotted hyenas express anger, frustration, and warnings to stay away.


Tasha Has Her Own Version of Hide and Seek and You’ll Love It

A sneaky dog started a game of hide and seek with her owner to avoid having to go back inside. An adorable video captured the playful pup’s antics. ‘Tasha! Tasha where are you? Tasha!’ the pooch’s owner calls out to the backyard. When the dog doesn’t respond, he slides the door closed and suddenly the […]