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35 Neighbors from Hell with Zero Common Sense

THE NUTCASE NEXT DOOR Buying a home can be a minefield, especially if you’re a first-timer navigating the world of mortgages, inspections, and overzealous HOAs. Unfortunately, no amount of money or preparation will guarantee you good neighbors — and plenty of people have the horror stories to prove it. The next time you’re annoyed that the guy next […]


27 Photos That Show How The World Never Ceased to Amaze Us

When you are bored with your routine and dreams seem unachievable, just think about the amazing world around you. Look around and see the bear-shaped clouds or a bucket of paint that contains the entire universe. At moments like these, we realize that magic exists in our lives and that we can create it. We […]


30 Historical Photos From WW2 You Haven’t Seen Before

Picturing the area across Europe that saw fierce conflicts throughout the duration of the war, between September 1939 and May 1945. The day when Germany unconditionally surrendered, May 8, is celebrated as Victory in Europe Day; Russia and parts of Eastern Europe celebrate VE Day on May 9. We look back at some images from one […]


Student Shocked the Internet With Her Unusual Graduation Photo

It’s a graduation snap with a difference, as Texas student Makenzie Noland poses for her traditional graduation photo in cap, sash, and – somewhat unusually – accompanied by an alligator. The student shared the image on Facebook and Instagram with the caption “Not your typical graduation photo”, and found herself at the centre of the […]


29 Amazing Places to Visit for the Love of ’60s

COUNTERCULTURE SHOCK More than any other postwar decade, the 1960s are as much a legend as they are an actual decade — and one full of contradictions, meaning different things to different people. It’s easy for older generations who lived it and younger ones who didn’t to romanticize the time when a rise in global […]


Top 20 Savage Jokes of ‘Comedy Central Roast’

20 Years of Laughs and Mockery We are beginning our third decade of celebrity roasts on Comedy Central. The TV event kicked off with a roast of Drew Carey at the legendary New York Friars Club in 1998, and has continued with targets ranging from athletes to musicians to actors to future Presidents of the […]


20 Unforgettable Quotes from ‘Animal House’ Movie

  Let me tell you ’bout some friends I know… As college film classics go, “Animal House” is the right movie for all the wrong reasons: rancid low-brow humor that wouldn’t fly by today’s standards. That said, it’s also the perfect movie for our times. Anyone who says its not hilarious to watch John Belushi […]

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