Costco Kirkland Signature Products That Are Completely Worth Buying

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Many Americans love to shop at Costco, and for good reasons. It offers great deals all year round with a variety of products. Costco customers also love its generic label, namely Kirkland Signature. However, not all Kirkland items are the best, especially if you weigh the price and quality.

To make it easier for Costco followers, we’ve created a list of Kirkland products that are worth buying. So, next time you shop at your local Costco, you should opt for the following generic items instead of name brands, which often come at higher prices—they are not worthwhile.

From liquid laundry detergent to disinfecting wipes, there are certain products Costco’s Kirkland Signature can brag about. Let’s find out what products from the Kirkland Signature line you should buy on your next Costco visit.

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2 thoughts on “Costco Kirkland Signature Products That Are Completely Worth Buying”

  1. Why don’t you guys put a Costco in Brigham City? You could use the old Shopko building that’s empty. Your Ogden store is over crowded ! The new Brigham store would support Brigham,Honeyville,Corrine,Bear river and Tremoton! It would be an Outstanding move as we have nothing like Costco here and we have grown a lot! Please consider this! Thanks Doug Olsen

  2. Why no location in Columbia, Missouri? The closest Costco stores are in St. Louis(120 miles) and Independence, MO(110 miles). Costco-Independence is the closest KC area and the best option since we go to Kansas city every 4-5 weeks. That said, Costco-Independence) is the worst Costco(by far) we have ever experience. We travel often and have been to several dozen different Costco; all are great except Independence. The management and staff are atypical of Costco. We have been Costco Business members for over a decade and our membership ends soon. Sam’s Clubin Columbia and Independence have improved and both are much better than Costco-Independence. Thus, that is a better option for us.

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