Top 16 Most Stressful States In The U.S.

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Whether it’s because work overwhelms you or you might not find the time for self-care, every one of us might experience a bigger amount of stress from time to time. Even so, there are studies that have proven that it’s not about the day-to-day aggravations, but in many cases, where you live. And it might be a great factor in how tense you feel on a daily basis.

To back this up, there’s a new survey from “Amerisleep” that reveals how one state has higher stress levels than any others. Would you ever guess the state? No, you wouldn’t. Do you want to find out? It’s Hawaii.

Yes, Hawaii, the same state that many of us consider a veritable paradise. Yet, it’s the most stressful state. Are you curious to find out about other stressful states in the U.S.? Click next and prepare to be puzzled.

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