Top 16 Most Stressful States In The U.S.

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  • West Virginia – If you’re curious to know what keeps West Virginians up at night, it’s their health. Fortunately, the state’s residents are way more satisfied when it comes to money, as the state ranks 8th in terms of money-related stress.
  • New Hampshire – New Hampshire has low rates of environmental and health-related stress, as it ranks 6th and 8th. But it doesn’t do so well when it comes to money and work, ranking 38th on both.
  • Washington – Although Washington State is one of the best places to work, given that it has the second-lowest rates when it comes to work-related stress, somehow, it ranked way higher when it comes to money-related stress, in the 37th place, to be more specific.
  • Virginia – If you’re looking for another state with low work stress, you’ll probably want to consider Virginia. The state ranked 8th for work-related stress. However, it doesn’t do so great when it comes to money and health, ranking the 41st and 25th spot.
  • Kansas – If you don’t want to worry about money anymore, you should probably consider moving to Kansas. The state ranked 9th for money-related stress.
  • Colorado – Colorado did a great job on health matters, as it has one of the lowest rates of health and work-related stress in the country. However, when it comes to money, Colorado isn’t exactly the ideal place, as it ranked 33rd in money-related stress.
  • Utah – If you’re looking for a state with low health and environmental stress, move to Utah. The thing is, Utah doesn’t do so good when it comes to job and money, ranking the 24th, respectively the 35th.
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