Top 16 Most Stressful States In The U.S.

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  • Ohio – In a list of cities where first place indicated the lowest stress and 50th the highest stress, Ohio ranked 28th in terms of overall stress.
  • Missouri – Missouri reserved the 17th place on the list of 50 states in terms of the lowest environmental-related stress. The thing is, it doesn’t perform any better in other categories as well. The state ranked 20th when it comes to money-related stress and 29th for work-related stress.
  • Kentucky – Kentucky doesn’t look great when it comes to health or work. So naturally, it ranks 43rd out of 50 states in health-related stress and 41st for work-related stress. Luckily, Kentucky fared somewhat better in terms of finances: it ranks 13th in money-related stress.
  • Wisconsin – If you’re curious to know which state is low in health stress, you should set your sights on Wisconsin. Unfortunately, Wisconsin catches up on environmental-related stress, ranking 30th place on the list.
  • Iowa – If finances are an issue for you, Amerisleep would recommend you to move to Iowa. The state ranked SECOND for money-related stress, which is pretty awesome. However, it has higher rates on other types of stress, such as work-related stress, environmental stress, and health-related stress.
  • Nevada – According to Amerisleep, we concluded that the work-life balance in Nevada is pretty sweet, given the fact that it ranked 6th for work-related stress in America. However, it ranked 34th in environmental-related stress and 26th for health-related stress.
  • Mississippi – Although Mississippi ranked 14th for money-related stress and 13th for environmental stress, it didn’t do so well when it comes to work and health.
  • Alaska – If having a healthy lifestyle is extremely important for you, Alaska might be the right place to pick. The residents living in this state are extremely satisfied on this matter, having the lowest rates of health-related stress in the country.
  • Alabama – On the other hand, Alabama ranked 49th out of 50 states for health-related stress, but it does way better when it comes to environmental-related stress.
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