10 Ways To Get Cheap Or Even FREE Drugs

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From ACE inhibitors to inhalers to anti-depressants, there is a variety of drugs that are absolutely necessary to Americans’ health. They are often used for chronic diseases like diabetes or preventing heart attacks, or mental illnesses.

The prescription rate of these drugs is so high because they sell it to millions of people everyday. Because of all that, the market for prescription drugs is constantly flourishing. And because is flourishing and the drug prices are not fixed in the U.S., it’s beginning to look less like a road trip and more like a highway robbery.

You might have wondered at least once what can be done. Well, we made a list of ways on how to get cheaper prescriptions, so if you’re interested in the subject, come and have a look.

  1. Coupons – There are many discount pharmacies and stores that spend a lot on fliers and coupons. You can search for these coupons more easily on the internet: there are smartphone apps and websites to help you out with that, like goodrx.com.
  2. Try before you buy – Many drug manufacturers offer a 30-day free trial on medications, so you can ask for a free sample of a new drug to see if it’s good for you.
  3. Choose generics – Generic drugs are the bio-equivalent of brand-name drugs but are way cheaper.
  4. Search for government programs – There are many states that offer drug assistance programs, and they can help you find treatments and cover your Medicare Part D gaps.
  5. Over-the-counter drugs – Your doctor can recommend you an over-the-counter alternative to a regular prescription.
  6. Ask the doctor if you can try pill splitting – Splitting your dosage pill in half can really help you save up some money.
  7. Order via email – Purchasing your prescription drugs on the internet can lower your costs substantially. Just make sure that the drugs you’re purchasing have a VIPPS seal.
  8. Patient assistance programs – The Partnership for Prescription Assistance is an industry initiative and free service that helps patients with lower financial possibilities to purchase the meds they need.
  9. Purchase from a wholesale club – Wholesale clubs, like Costco and Sam’s Clubs are selling prescription drugs at a discount.
  10. Shop and ask – Sometimes just asking your local pharmacist can save you some money. They want to make you a loyal customer, and you want to reduce your costs in exchange.

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