Amazon Is Now Selling Prescription Drugs—Here’s How!

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The coronavirus situation has forced many American seniors to rely on their adult children when it comes to shopping for groceries, prescription drugs, and other essentials. But what about those who are completely alone? On whom they can rely?

It could be a friendly neighbor or now Amazon, the giant online retailer that just launched a delivery service for prescription drugs, called Amazon Pharmacy. So, Jeff Bezos’ decision to acquire an online pharmacy named PillPack two years ago was indeed a good call.

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16 thoughts on “Amazon Is Now Selling Prescription Drugs—Here’s How!”

  1. Prices are the most important thing to Senior citizens. Where are these drugs manufactured? If they’re from China, no thanks.

      1. Like his MAGA hats? Made in China.
        Drain the Swamp, he actually placed bottom feeders in the Cabinet Seats.
        And where was the Health Plan he promised?
        No more 4 years.
        YOU’RE FIRED!

  2. Tell me why I should switch from OPTUM RX to AMAZON RX? Do you have a posted co pay for my drugs? What is the advantage to me?

  3. How do I use Amazon with my Part D Medicare plan? How do I find out the price and availability of a specific prescription
    before ordering?

  4. I’m already a Prime member my question is; why should i keep letting you deduct from my acct.? What am i getting out of this? I thought i was supposed to get free shipping or some free tv.What exactly do i get.Please answer in an e-mail.Thank you,R.L.Moffitt

  5. There are nearly 2,000 manufacturing facilities around the world that provide pharmaceutical drugs to the United States. Of those, 230 are in China. There are 510 in the United States and 1,048 in the rest of the world. A ton already come from India, China and Europe.

  6. Where are drugs being manufactured? If in the USA, than where are ingredients being sourced from? If any is coming from CHINA, NO THANK YOU. I’ll pay more for anything, not only meds, if made and source in the USA 🇺🇸