11 Shortest Celebrity Marriages

Image By krivinis From Shutterstock

We all know the traditional wedding vows that culminate in ’till death do us part’, well, for these celebrities, it wasn’t death that parted them. It was rather everything from drug and alcohol abuse, to a joke gone too far, to “unnatural sexual demands” (yes, you read that correctly) to basically just hating each other’s guts.

And while we all see the life of a celebrity as glitzy and glamorous as they trot down the red carpets, it turns out they are just as fragile and messed up as the rest of us. The only difference being, your divorce usually doesn’t make the cover of tabloid newspapers (and if it does then WOW! What did you do???).

So here we are going to take a metaphorical walk down the aisle then quickly to the courthouse as we look at 11 of the briefest of encounters at the wedding altar for these famous faces.

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