12 Most Influential Actors Of All Time

Photo by Tinseltown from Shutterstock

1. Tom Hanks

When it comes to playing the ‘every-man’ character, the actor that best embodies that role is unquestionably Tom Hanks. Recognized today and one of the most beloved stars in Hollywood, Hanks has carved out an impressive career from classic rom-coms to crime dramas, from comedies to roles that focused a microscopic lens on the American experience.

His early career was like many fresh-faced actors looking to break into Hollywood. However, even his early films like Big, Splash, and The Money Pit are now seen as classic. His influence on the industry would come later in his career as he showed that his range covers with each performance being more measured and mature than the last. As one of only two actors to win consecutive Best Actor Oscars with Philadelphia and Forrest Gump, his career doesn’t seem like slowing down any time soon.

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