9 Secrets Hotels Are Hiding From You

Photo by Dean Drobot from Shutterstock
  • Ritz-Carlton Employees Have $1,500 to spend on you – Rumor has it that every employee at the Ritz-Carlton chain has a special sum of $1,500 they can use to make their customers feel special. So if you ever book a room at the Ritz, make sure you tip!
  • Cancel your reservation without getting charged – This is a very sneaky method, but it works: you booked a room in a different city but you just found out that you can’t leave anymore. In order to avoid getting charged with a cancellation fee, you can call the hotel and ask to change your booking to a later date. Then you call back, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get a different hotel employee and cancel your reservation. You won’t receive any cancellation fee because you pushed out the date, and thus the cancellation time.
  • The bellhop is the keeper of all – Don’t ignore the bellhop. He/she can hook you up with free water bottles, free valet parking, free tours, free dry cleaning, or even the upgrade to a better room. If you’re lucky, you might be able to get some food in the middle of the night as well.
  • The Marriott has made cleaning a proper science – The Marriott hotels have taken the idea of a 30-minute clean and transformed it into a science. The cleaning staff has made some sort of “book of rules” on how to wipe down the lamp, how to strip and remake the bed(moving in a clockwise position), and checking that the room has a “neutral” smell.
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