21 Jobs With the Highest Divorce Rates

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You’ve heard the statistic before: Half of all marriages end in divorce. Whether that number still holds true is debatable, but for many young married people today, it’s their career — or their spouses’ — that’s leading to higher divorce rates. Workers in certain industries are seeing higher divorce rates by age 30, according to an analysis of U.S. Census Data from career website Zippia.

The choice of a particular career often comes with some serious caveats, including the potential for long hours, time away from home, increased emotional stress or just lower pay. All of these factors can potentially lead to conflicts with your significant other, some of which will ultimately be impossible to reconcile. And the analysis from Zippia reveals that some professions appear to be driving a much higher percentage of people to throw in the towel on their marriage.

So, here’s a closer look at those jobs that can lead to some serious difficulties in your personal life.

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47 thoughts on “21 Jobs With the Highest Divorce Rates”

    1. I agree, Frank. I’m an underwater mess kit repair specialist and that profession is fraught with people experiencing marital problems….

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    She send me a text that she was being picked.
    Due to being at my nurse supervisor job,I didn’t get the text until recently.
    I need to know who picked her up and where was she dropped off
    Tamiia Grisham

  2. All I learned is that if you make more than $90000 a year , your divorce rate is less than 10 percent . If you make less , better get a job at Walmart or be a waitress at Denny’s.

      1. Cruella DeVille

        That’s right. That’s the way it should be. At the end of the day two things happen, and one is guaranteed. The guarantee is this: Even a saint will make you nuts… that said, good luck finding one to marry. And two, you will end up breaking down on the side of the highway at some point in time; even brand new top of the line autos breakdown at times. And, I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather be broken down in a new Mercedes than an old rusted out Ford Escort. I’ve been in both situations in life, and believe me, having the new or newer luxury vehicle changes EVERYTHING about your rescue. After the Escort incident, I said to myself; “Self, no one is worth too hard of an emotional sweat, especially if you’re still on the side of the highway, and he’s… heaven only knows where. See, the one with the money will be at “heaven only knows where” too. But, I at least I won’t be stuck on overnight on the highway. And sure, I may have missed my date with the pool boy, but he gets paid for the job either way and he’ll be there tomorrow again anyway. If he has an attitude about it, he can resign on his own accord, or I can force it; because that big ol’ lonely house, luxury car and large inground pool that sports some lovely gardens on its shoulders, attracts ALL kinds of handsome new employment seekers.

        “You gotta think like a second wife; Grab and take! Grab and take! When you die, it all gets buried on you. If the next bitch wants it, make her dig for it.” ~ Joan Rivers

      2. I had a good Marriage of a Childhood Sweet Heart and 3 kids. GrandKids and Great Grands. Then my husband of 58 years died. I married a man, my age, he had been married 3 times. His habits got him Divorced. He didn’t love anyone. Just wanted me to pay for it all. Better off by myself.

    1. It’s not the job, it’s the person. Marriage is hard, raising kids is hard. Why do you suppose people do this in the first place? I think we are all a little delusional, and have expectations that exceed the reality. Women particularly, are fed a mound of crap about relationships. Myth, cultural mores, lead many to misery. A favorite memory I recall from a young man (when I was also young) was him saying, “ You’re really gonna like this”. Uh, well, one of us liked it.

  3. All jobs that require travel and a lot of time away from lead to affairs in a marriage which lead to divorce. It has nothing to do with the job per say, it has to do with people’s inability to be committed to one person, the person they married.

    1. How true!!! So easy for these people to lead double lives! I personally know a married person who said they have cheated on their spouse numerous times while traveling and staying in hotels while their wife is home working and with the kids. Safely tucked away so they can do their thing freely! This person makes great money and travels a lot for a large university. Has no shame!



    1. That really sucks. I can relate when things went wrong I always say where was dad he was not there.
      I stuck it out but now it all was for nothing financially and all other ways too.

  5. I must say that this is a very discouraging article for someone deciding what to do in life. As for an engineer, I know a retired engineer who has been happily married for over 57 yrs. Your article needs to give advice or suggestions on how to make the marriage work; not quit or even start working at, which most of these jobs are, a high paying job.

      1. I married a man who believed in God Almighty. I thought that would work. We were married by my Pastor in Church. The red flags were– he could recite all the Bible. Never lived it. He was a Narcissist. I was a home town girl who did everything to make him happy. I was married to the first man for 57 years. He was married at least twice or more. Claimed it was all their fault. Red Flag. He didn’t Love anyone but himself. After 2.5 years and several thousand dollars, I finally got rid of him. He was a Liar and a Thief. Loving God wasn’t enough for him.

  6. Yeah, I call BS on most of that list, excluding the Military. I would cite ANY job that takes a person away from their spouse for extended periods to be a major cause of divorce. My field was railroading but I had employment on a railroad that kept me close to home. Still married!
    However, those working for neighboring railroads that take men (and women) away for extended periods cause much stress in a relationship and the divorce rate for railroaders is very high.

  7. Marriage is about commitment!
    Employment is about commitment!
    Learning to balance these two is the secret to a successful life!
    After being in the service businesses for 25 years and facings these challenges every day the balancing was intense!
    Retirement solved the challenge.
    Have a wonderful life!

  8. Although they have lots of vacation time, teachers , especially elementary teachers work very long hours. Extra activities, lesson planning, grading papers, report cards all consume lots of time During the school year, there is never enough time to do everything that ir required. Very stressful!

  9. I am a retired electrician, and worked in Prudo Bay Alaska for 7.5 yrs, and that caused 2 divirces in my life. 21 days on, and 7 off. lesson learned(DONT DIP YOUR PEN IN CO. INK)
    Bob Stone

  10. Charles C. Burgess

    The family that prays together stays together. The absence of God’s our lives just about causes all our problems extending to all endeavors .

    1. No it doesn’t. I believed in God Almighty and lived it. He believed in God Almighty and didn’t live it. Reciting Scriptures doesn’t make you a Christian. Either you live it or you don’t.

  11. I believe that times have really changed, and values and morals have also from generation to generation, and this is a major factor in high divorce rates across the nation! Hollywood has really glamorized a marriage to not be so sacred anymore, almost like breaking up with your boy/girlfriend. Although time away, Job stresses, infidelity, and bad habits also play a role, these are just icing on the cake if you ask me.

  12. Everyone is missing the boat, the people who compiled the list and the people posting opinions. America is an “Oligarchy” (a country where rich people pass laws to make more money for the wealthy). If you aren’t aware. this is what America became beginning in 1981. Out sourcing jobs,
    whipped out the middle class. Everyone is now killing themselves so they can live. Money has become much more important and half of America earns under $30,000. No one can afford a divorce today. It’s become a luxury that working people can’t afford. People are lucky if they can even get a full time job that has benefits. 60% of the workforce loses those jobs in their 50s. They either go bankrupt or spend the rest of their work life making $12,000 with no health benefits. Then grab an S.S. check at 62 and the government pays them 33% of what the worker could receive. They have no money so they can’t wait for full amount at age 70.

  13. David McFarland

    Retired now Left at age 60 ,40 Years of Service Truck Driver, Long Hours Every week ,Your Family Comes Last you Are Just A Number !!!! 12 -14 Hours a day 34 HRS Reset ,Back in All ways Tired ,They Want To Kill You With Hours so Central States Do not have to pay Pension !!!! Under Standing Wife 37 Years !!!

  14. Actually, I believe it has to do with what training that has been given while at home. Although a GODLY upbringing can help in these situations, there can be stains in RELATIONSHIPS that can be trying, especially with certain types of employments. However, this Godly upbringing can be a GOD SEND in holding relationships together. Let God have it . . . He works MIRACLES, especially in marriages. He CARES for you. and in the END, it will be WORTH it. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  15. If you divorce because of a spouses career, then you had no business being married. Marriage is a commitment…..Period! I’d say cheating would be the number 1 reason for divorce.

    1. Kathleen Moran

      Its loneliness that leads to cheating. Men switch jobs without no discussion if how it affects lifestyle.

      You can be committed to a quy in the service and find out he decides to paint houses 7 am to 7 pm including Saturdays.

      Men do not sit down to discuss things, they tell you instead! Then give you the crap jut i only come home to you!!!

  16. Any profession had its divorce rates. If 2 people truly care for and love each other, they will find a way to make it work. The problem today is not the divorce rate but rather self-centered people. It’s a me me me society and if a person doesn’t get everything their way, they throw in the towel. Also, many people rush into marriages tho escape a sadness in their life. People need trio really get to know each other before tying the knot. If you ask me, the profession with the highest divorce rate is the entertainment industry. Those people change partners constantly, with most never finding what they’re searching for.

  17. Law enforcement and correctional officers. Don’t know when they will come home with the overtime required or even if they will ever come home.

  18. Policemen have always had the highest divorce rate anywhere in the USA, even higher than Hollywood actors. The statistics were sorted by those who were married before becoming an officer and those who married after. The latter usually had more stable relationships.

    1. As a former Officer, I can attest to be involved in more overtime and less family life. Two divorces and one long term break up, have left me retired and living alone.

  19. Whatever happened to “ Absence makes the heart grow fonder “? I think it’s the heart that no longer wants to be fonder and not so much as being absent.

  20. You forgot the Over the road Truck driver ? They are away for weeks at a time and Yep you have to watch out for those lounge lizards that frequent the truck stops ! How convenient for a roll in the Truck bed !

  21. Divorce is always a hard situation to address, especially when you have committed to love, honor, and obey for the rest of your life to that one person before God. Vows and promises will be broken. Financial stability in a marriage yes is a key factor in a healthy happy marriage. Cause let’s face it we can’t live on love alone, right? So going to and working hard to support your family is the right thing to do….right? Yeah, so that means you are by no means suppose to lose focus on the love of your life. You’re suppose to support one another by any means necessary. Be creative! If you feel you may not be getting enough time from your spouse (because of work) find creative ways to slide the time in there. Make it happen, make memories. Everyone has time. Take Your spouse to lunch, or stay up late to spend a little time before bed. Make small sacrifices so that all they can think about is the happiness they share with you. It’s the small gestures that go a long way in life. Oh by the way ” Sales” is a huge one that keeps you away from home.

  22. some very good quotes in here for and against! I had my high school sweetheart leave me when I was in the NAM! my 2nd wife died of cancer and I took care of her all the way! my last wife left cause she didn’t want to take care of me. I had a tripole by pass and then 3 strokes was paralyzed my whole left side( which now I’ve got much better) now she wants back in! I told her to stick it! I make about 80 K a year in retirement its what she wants the bulge in my back pocket!

  23. Read your Bible. Keep your faith, it will strengthen you. Husbands, wives, children NEED each other! GOD and family, our biggest strength!

    I’ve been married 60 years, been tough, but my husband and I have survived. Sure everything has NOT always been perfect, but we survived.

    My faith is my strength. I love my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, they are so important.

  24. You forgot about utility workers, they are gone for hours a day and for days on end. When Mother Nature damages the power system they are gone for long hours a day up to days from home.
    I know that there is a high divorce rate because I personally have seen a lot of co workers land up in a divorce, it takes a special person to stay married to a utility worker.

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