12 Things You Should Never Say over Text or Email

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Ah, texting… one of the easiest ways of getting in touch with someone without having to call. How many of us haven’t relied on the simplicity of texts or emails to get in contact with people?

Face to face conversations will always and forever be more meaningful and deep… though nowadays ‘face to face’ means either face-timing or calling our friends and family on zoom (thanks, 2020). But there will always be times where a simple written (or in this case typed) message will be far more efficient and straight-forward.

That being said, certain things should never be discussed in written form, ever. We can admit that sometimes we may be in a hurry or tensions may be high, but even then we should avoid the pitfalls of texting.

Wondering what we’re talking about? Today we’re going to outline 12 things you should never say over text or email, no matter what!

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1 thought on “12 Things You Should Never Say over Text or Email”

  1. Most of these our president is guilty of doing. Tell him to read this article and maybe he’ll learn. Or maybe he will convince you that his way is the correct way and that you are wrong. After all, he’s the president and always right.