18 Pictures Taken Just at the Right Time!

Stuck? Don’t Worry, It’s Just Soap

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24 thoughts on “18 Pictures Taken Just at the Right Time!”

  1. did the bubble float over him . or did it jump into bubble ‘ or when you swung the bubble paddy
    you thought your dog to stand on paddle as you made this interesting picture ,,,

  2. how long did you wait for that shot , i have one just like that , only i had to wait for sunset an i opened my hand and the sun was sitting on the palm of my hand. it was a beautiful sunset , that gave me the power to hold the full sunset in the palm of my hand,

  3. Somehow the word “awesome” just doesn’t describe each and every photo seen….. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all 18 and going to share with others so they may see what I just saw…..bravo to those photographers as they have managed to accomplish what many wish they could….capturing time in a bottle, or in this case, within a photo…..

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