10 Tricks Costco Uses to Make You Spend More Money

According to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, of all the department and discount stores tracked, Costco ranked most popular with consumers last year. This is all due to the brilliant strategies they have.

Here’s how Costco tricks you to spend more money:


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1. Giving out free samples

“One of my personal favorite parts of a Costco shopping trip are those famous free samples that are offered every few aisles,” says Sara Skirboll, a shopping and trends expert at RetailMeNot. And that is unquestionably not an uncommon opinion.

However, the expert warns that those free samples have been known to unconsciously influence shoppers to spend more money. “Many studies have shown that providing free samples can boost sales by at least 30 percent, swaying you to buy things you never planned on purchasing,” she says. So, even if those samples may be free, they have a psychological cost on shoppers.

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18 thoughts on “10 Tricks Costco Uses to Make You Spend More Money”

  1. Clarence Wentzel

    It sounds like Costco have a good business plan. Plus, all of the employees are friendly and helpful. Also most customers are the same.

    1. I absolutely love COSTCO, I have a membership and I don’t even live near a COSTCO. I wish they would put one in Buffalo N.Y. . Our closest Costco is in Rochester, NY. I would be there 3 times a week if it were here.

  2. I love Costco cause I hate to shop and since there is only me. I can go to Costco once a month get all my paper goods laundry supplies and fresh fruit and vegetables and be done. Also their meat is delicious and priced well.

  3. Marilyn Silverman

    I love Costco,they have great marketing strategies. Always enjoy the samples and buy what I enjoy.
    Thank you Costco.

  4. I’ve been a member of Costco since 1982 and has always had great service, good return policy, items that I really need, variety and overall haven’t found another service to match. always look for Costco on our trips as that is where the deals are.

  5. Costco is a great bricks and mortar store! I can see it, feel it, buy it. You pointed many reasons people like to shop there. Plus, Costco doesn’t just buy stuff and put it on the shelves; they test those products! And, if the product has “Kirkland” brand on it, I know it is a good one.

  6. We’re getting one in 2022, can’t wait. I don’t eat samples and let people with a couple of items go in front of me.

  7. i shop at costco at least once a month. there just like any other store , you need to do your home work before going there . they have lots of great buys and some not so good. i will say that i have realized that if you buy stuff online verses going into the store , that you do pay more for the items online . anywhere from a dollars to several dollars per item .

  8. Seems like I never get out of Costco without spending at least $100. : – ) Nontheless, I love shopping at Costco. And what a great return policy. .

  9. The article appeared to be about Costco “tricking” people into buying. True, we may buy some things we did not come for but the marketing strategy is the same as other stores use. They are good employers, they treat their customers respectfully, and if you know what you’re buying the prices are good. We love Costco.