12 Changes to Your Dining Experience You’ll Hardly Notice

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The Coronavirus lockdown seems to be coming to an end as local and state governments are trying to navigate opening guidelines based on recommendations from the CDC.

For some these may turn into worrying times while others can’t wait until they’ll be able to finally head out again. A lot of people all over the country are excited to meet up with their friends and families while keeping up with safety measures and social distancing. Understandably, you might want to head out to your favorite bar and restaurant.

Some restaurants may have stayed open in order to meet takeout orders while others have been temporarily closed- bad news for both employees and customers. Now it’s time to slowly reverse those measures and, as such, certain precautions have to be set in place.

Now that restaurants are opening see if you can spot these 12 subtle changes when you dine. If not it may be time to reconsider your next reservation in order to keep yourself, your loved ones, other diners, or employees safe.

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