20 Smart Home Products From Amazon That Are Worth Every Penny

Is every aspect of your life governed by technology? This might sound like a bad thing, considering the sudden surge of items that have popped up lately, all of them needing to connect to your Wi-Fi. Such as the smart bottle… Who came up with that!?

But instead of scoffing at the ridiculous nature of today’s inventions, it’s time we look at a selection of items that truly are worth the money. Smart-home tech has come a long way, and though it’s difficult to comb through all those products that are nothing more than blatant money grabbers, we think we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of items that you should splurge on!

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Wemo Mini Smart Plug

A couple of years ago, clapping your hands when going to bed was seen as the height of comfort. Turning your lights on or off with a simple gesture without having to get out of bed? Yes, please!

But nowadays you can do all of that and more on your phone. The Wemo Mini Smart Plug, which costs just $20 from Amazon, is the perfect device for exactly this purpose. Plug your lights or other appliances in these sleek plugs and control them from your phone, even when you’re away.

If you want it to look like you’re at home when you’re actually thousands of miles away, you can control or randomize your lights remotely!

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