25 Deals from Sam’s Club and Costco During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Retailers across the U.S. have been struggling to keep up with demand as of late. While the Coronavirus pandemic is spreading across the globe, it’s important to stock up on various household items, so it’s no wonder how quickly toiletries, disinfectants and soaps have sold out.

But for those who want to hole up and practice social distancing, there are far more items that you should be adding to your shopping lists. These will not only help for viral emergencies such as these but also in any other kind of high-risk situation.

Here are 25 items we think you should consider adding to your shopping basket!


#1 Ivory Dish Detergent

It’s no wonder that hand soap has flown off the shelves. It’s even less surprising that retailers are having a hard time keeping up with the demand. But if you’re in a pinch and have no other options, consider reaching out for dish soap instead.

We promise you’ll have enough to last a while with a carton of 10 Ivory Dish Detergent. The best part is the fact that dish soap is also gentle on the hands, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your skin when you’re taking care of your hygiene.

Buy it for just $35 from Sam’s Club.


#2 Kirkland Signature Ibuprofen IB

It’s important to use a maximum amount of caution nowadays, which can include avoiding a trip to the pharmacy if you can help it. But if you’re planning on shopping at Costco, don’t forget to pick up two 500-caplet bottles. It should last you and your family for a very long time.

But while you’re at it, consider other over the counter medicine you could pick up. Other than the aforementioned ibuprofen, try to get your hands on some antiacids and cold medicine as well!

By the way, the Ibuprofen only costs around $10, so it’s a steal.


#3 Member’s Mark Exceed Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Sam’s Club has got you covered when it comes to your pet’s needs too. For only $30 you can snatch Member’s Mark Exceed Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. The first ingredient on the list is wild-caught salmon, which our furry friends love. And the reviews back those claims up too. If you’ve never tried this formula before, we highly recommend you give it a go.

There’s no better place to stock up on good quality pet food at affordable prices. And while you’re there, make sure to grab some kitty litter for your pet cat, if you have one.


#4 Netgear Orbi Mini Wi-Fi System

If you’re quarantined or even if you’re just self isolating yourself at home, if you don’t have a trustworthy internet connection your life could get very boring, very fast. But on top of finding entertainment online, it’s also important to keep in touch with the rest of your friends and family.

The Netgear Orbi Mini Wi-Fi System costs only $120 at Costco and has a coverage of up to 4,000 square feet. So you can e-learn as much as you want, wherever you want in your household. And don’t worry about overwhelming the system with too many devices, it can handle quite a huge load of data.


#5 Quaker Instant Oatmeal Variety Pack

When it costs as little as $11, who could say no to oatmeal? Not only is it the perfect, healthy pick-me-up when paired with your favourite toppings and a touch of honey but it’s also super easy to make!

It also good for a year or longer, so you don’t have to worry about your delicious snack going bad if you don’t rush to eat it all.

So, buy this 52-count variety pack and enjoy a filling meal without stressing out about supplies. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to get your hands on some honey and cinnamon for a little extra flavor.


#6 Member’s Mark Premium Diapers

Parents need to be especially cautious about their supplies nowadays. And an emergency stash of diapers could save you more than you could possibly imagine. After all, looking after your baby means lowering the risk of exposure to the pandemic as much as possible. And that means not leaving the house for a while.

Member’s Mark Premium Diapers are considerably cheaper than Pampers Swaddlers. In fact, you could get them for as little as 11 cents apiece.

The offers start at $12, so make sure you’ve got everything you need before you check out. And by that we mean you shouldn’t forget to get extra formula and wipes for your little guy or gal.


#7 Brondell H2O+ Under Counter Water Filter System

You’re probably thinking you should buy gallons and gallons of water, right? Well, it’s not a bad idea to get a few bottles if you’re worried about threats to the water supply, but in this case, we think it’s a lot smarter to get a water filter system.

Take the Brondell H2O+ Under Counter Water Filter System, for example. For just $90 you could secure clean water for your family for six months. The system removes chlorine, lead and chloramine from your water, to name just a few of the chemicals that you don’t want to be ingesting under any circumstances.


#8 Colgate Total Advanced Whitening Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes, yes, they last for a while. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change them frequently. Plus, experts say that you should start using new ones after you’ve been sick, so it’s always a good idea to have a little supply around the house.

This also goes for the common cold or the flu. If you know you’re more susceptible to get getting sick during this time of year, grab a pack of eight toothbrushes from Costco for just $17. This amount will surely save yourself or your family from a trip to the store should they come down with anything.


#9 Lego Classic Bricks

Sure, this isn’t really an emergency necessity, but having a Lego set around the house could be extremely helpful if you have kids or grandkids staying over.

If they’re out of school for a while, you’ll probably expect them to spend a lot of time in front of a screen, either the TV, computer, tablet or phone.

These toys will help you set the foundations for endless family fun and it’ll help the little ones explore their imagination. Maybe they can even create a little house for the little Lego man so you could turn this into an educational playtime by explaining why social distancing is so important this time of year. Everything is possible with the 1,500 piece Lego set.


#10 Pantene Advanced Care Shampoo

Let’s not forget about shampoo (and conditioner!) while indoors. And there’s no better way of saving money than buying Pantene from Costco. It costs around $10, so that means 26 cents an ounce. We call that a steal!

The 38-ounce bottle will last you a long, long time- more so if you use it carefully. Plus, we all know that terrible feeling of getting in the shower or bathtub only to discover we’ve got barely any shampoo left in the bottle.

To save yourself an uncomfortable situation, just buy one of these and you’re good to go.


#11 Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean Laundry Detergent

How much could $17 worth of laundry detergent last you, you’re wondering? Well, if you’re selecting the Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean Laundry Detergent, you won’t have to worry about laundry for a long time.

That’s because you can wash five loads a day for a month with this 194 ounce jug of detergent.

Let us also remind you that it’s important to take care of any items that have been in contact with various surfaces while outdoors, and if you’ve had plenty of outings lately then it’s time to protect yourself by doing a ton of washing in the upcoming days.


#12 Mattel Mega Card Game Pack

Again, this item could be put into the ‘luxury’ tab instead of ‘necessity’, but we think keeping the boredom at bay is just as important as making sure you have other supplies around the house. Steering clear of cabin fever, anyone?

The Mattel Mega Card Game Pack costs $20 from Costco and contains eight card games, all family-friendly. And, hey, should anything happen to the electrical grid, you only need a little bit of candlelight for hours and hours of fun.

Not that we’re saying anything will happen to your electricity, but it’s always good to have something fun stored just in case.


#13 Kirkland Signature Protein Bars

If you’re finding that canned foods are hard to come by and you’re wondering what else you could stack in your pantry during an emergency, why not protein bars? The Kirkland Signature Protein Bars pack a real punch and could really help out when you need it most.

Thanks to their long shelf life you won’t have to stress out about quick snacks for a long time, or at least until your next income of supplies. We recommend picking up some of these bad boys for $40.

They’re delicious, nutritious and could really turn one sour situation around when you need it most!


#14 Opti-Free Puremoist Disinfecting Solution

In all the rush to get food, toiletries and disinfectant before supplies run out, you might forget about something equally important for contact wearers. This 14 ounce solution costs $20 at Sam’s Club and comes with two replacement cases.

If you wear contacts regularly then you know how fast you can get through a bottle of this stuff, since cases need to be replaced every three months at the very least, according to experts.

They also have to be rinsed out with solution after removing your lenses, so having a whole new supply at the ready could do wonders to your eyes!


#15 Tampax Pearl Advanced Grip Tampons

What could be worse than having to make a trip to the store during that time of the month when we’re in the middle of a viral pandemic?

Avoid painful and potentially embarrassing situations for you or your loved ones by picking up some Tampax Pearl Advanced Grip Tampons for only $16 at Costco.

Of course, if you or your loved ones prefer pads, use this as a reminder to put those on your shopping list instead! Once that time of the month rolls around, you’ll be thanking us regardless of your choice.


#16 WaterBrick FoodBrick Storage System

Do you want to make sure your food and water supplies are stored safely for a really, really long time? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you. Pick up the WaterBrick FoodBricks from Sam’s Club for $175 and you’ll be worry-free.

Bonus points if you also live in an area with extreme weather conditions because these 3.5 gallon containers can withstand anything. They can even be frozen! Did we mention they’re also moisture-resistant and air-tight?

Or, better yet, do you need any more reasons to get yourself these amazing storage systems?


#17 Kar’s Sweet and Salty Mix

While it’s important to make sure you’ve got plenty of food in the house for breakfast, lunch and dinner over the next few weeks, don’t forget to buy a little extra something to delight your stomach with between meals.

We recommend getting Kar’s Sweet and Salty Mix from Sam’s Club for as little as $13. You don’t have to worry about shelf life or nutrition with these around the house, as they’ll last a while and are a great healthy alternative to other long-lasting snacks you might be tempted to purchase.

Get a good dose of equal parts sweet, equal parts salty thanks to these!


#18 Cascade Mountain Tech LED Lanterns

Quick question! What’s the first thing you do when the power goes? Most people reach for their smartphones and turn on the flashlight- which is not a super bad idea in a pinch, but it will drain your battery super fast if you rely on it too much.

During these concerning times, the last thing you need is being cut off from the rest of the world while also going through a power outage.

That’s why it’s so important to buy Cascade Mountain Tech LED Lanterns before you bundle up at home. With just $25 you’ll be getting 180 lumens and attention-getting mode that flashes red lights for emergencies.


#19 Type S Lithium Jump Starter Portable Power Bank

You sure won’t worry about running out of electricity to charge your phones, laptops, tablets and anything else around the house (that uses USB ports) with the Type S Lithium Jump Starter Portable Power Bank from Costco. It costs $60, which is ridiculously cheap for what it can do.

Why is that, you ask? Because it also comes with jumper cables for your car! With this high capacity, external battery laying around you don’t have to panic should disaster strike. You can reliably charge your devices while also helping out your vehicle should you ever need it.


#20 First Aid Only First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit around the house is just plain ol’ smart, no matter what circumstances the country is in. Sure, you could add a steady supply of what you think you’ll need from the store, but why not get a ‘ready-made’ kit from professionals?

You can buy this first aid kit from Sam’s Club for $25 and never have to worry about leaving something crucial out. It contains 106 emergency supplies, including gauze, bandages, tweezers and ointment.

The mountable metal case is sturdy and will keep all your medical supplies in pristine condition until you need them most.


#21 Firman Dual Fuel Generator

Alright, so we’ve talked about power outages that might occur due to upcoming stormy weather conditions, but it’s time to bring out the big guns.

What you definitely need is the Firman Dual Fuel Generator- every household needs a generator for backup, and we think this is great both in terms of what it offers and price.

The Firman Dual Fuel Generator costs $600 at Costco and makes every penny count, not to mention you could find it for 50% off too! It provides 12 hours of power, comes with a cover suitable for all weather conditions and is flexible as it runs on both gas and propane.

When emergency strikes, that kind of flexibility could be a real life saver.


#22 StarKist Chunk Light Tuna

When the time comes to make a delicious meal for your family, you’ll be thanking us for reminding you to buy some tuna! The StarKist Chunk Light Tuna costs $10 at Sam’s Club and is sure to spruce up any meal you’re thinking of throwing together?

Whether you’re whipping up a sandwich, some pasta or a salad, adding this ingredient could add a much-needed source of yummy proteins. It’s not only cheap, but it lasts for a long time so you won’t have to fret about it going bad before you can leave your house again.


#23 Kirkland Signature AA Batteries

With a power bank and generator at your disposal, you might think you don’t need any batteries laying around the house. But you never know! Old radios and flashlights run on them, so it’s never a bad idea to have some in a drawer somewhere.

The best part about these supplies is that they’re pretty cheap. You won’t find batteries going for 35 cents apiece anywhere else. Buy the 48 pack from Costco for just $17 and never worry about running out, especially if you’re planning on eventually transitioning to devices that don’t require batteries from here on out.


#24 Augason Farms Emergency Food Supply Kit

If you’re really, really worried about your food running out or if you haven’t had the chance to get your hands on any non-perishable goods, it’s time to consider more serious measures. While the Augason Farms Emergency Food Supply Kits are a bit more pricey than everything else on the list so far, it’s well worth stacking a few in your home.

These emergency kits can last up to 25 years! Yes, more than two decades. All you need to do is add water to them and you’re good to go.

They’ll feed one person for three days, which could be especially valuable if you can’t go out of the house and have no way of getting any more food from either online shopping or deliveries.


#25 Midland Emergency Crank Radio Bundle

If you don’t have the cash to spare for a generator or if your power bank has run out yet you’re still without electricity, it’s time to reconsider the good old fashion radio. The Midland Emergency Crank Radio Bundle has got your back when disaster strikes.

It costs $75 from Sam’s Club and comes with both a hand-crank and solar-power options. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never have to worry about this steal letting you down. You won’t have to rely on batteries, USB ports or any other external powering sources to get it to work.

Our favorite feature is the two-way radio that works within a 26-mile range!


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