7 Reasons to Tip Your Server More During the Pandemic

Image By Pressmaster From Envato

Anyone who has spent any time working in the service industry knows what a taxing and soul crushing job it can be from time to time, being on your feet for several hours doing long shifts for very little money. If earning a minimum wage and having to live off tips wasn’t bad enough, the coronavirus pandemic has hit the industry hard with places either having to limit the amount of diners they can serve or having to close their businesses entirely.

Most establishments are going to great lengths to entice you back in with social distancing measures, sanitation stations and staff wearing face masks and gloves but it is also important to remember that the people serving you are putting themselves at risk while you tuck into your meal.

So, with restrictions in many states beginning to lift and businesses are opening back up, you might consider opening your purse or wallet a bit wider and show your hard working server a little more appreciation for their efforts in this trying time. Here are a few reasons why.

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