15 Things You Should Never Buy From the Supermarket

Making a list and sticking to it when you’re at the grocery store is an easy way to stay within your budget. But there are some things that you shouldn’t put on that list to start with, even if you get big discounts with a grocery store loyalty card.

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34 thoughts on “15 Things You Should Never Buy From the Supermarket”

    1. Tap water. If tap water isn’t good enough by itself, use a filter system. That is what I use. Buying a bottle of water is fine for convenience sake when you are away from home, but it is totally unnecessary when at home.

    2. Karen, where I live we have “hard water” – lots of minerals. Problem solved with inexpensive tool that mounts easily on faucet and filter. Cannot taste any difference in store-bought water and my filtered water. Much cheaper and healthier. Gonna go somewhere and want to take GOOD water. Take empty plastic bottles that have been cleaned and fill them from my water filtered faucet. THAT is simple plus it saves excessive cost at store plus saves gas needed for trip to store.

    3. From the tap. Buy a tap water filtration system and enjoy great tasting water. Buy bottled water only when necessary (For e.g., while traveling) and recycle the bottle.

    4. 1. Don’t waste your money. I refill my plastic bottles with tap water
      2. I also drink sparkling mineral water in place of diet soda etc…and have lost twenty pounds in six months. Plus the beneficial minerals is a huge plus.

    5. From the tap like bottled water comes from!!! Or go buy a home RO machine…but you don’t get any of the good minerals that your municipal water supply provides!!

    6. How about your kitchen faucet? Works for me. Looks like water. Tastes like water. And it’s far more reasonably priced!!!!

    7. Buy bottled water sourced from natural springs. Check contents on the label always helps. Some bottled tap waters do have ph adjusted and has ingredients added for better health.

  1. Most of what I read was crap. At 81 I DON’T want to have to start cooking things from scrap. I want the convenience and if this hasn’t killed me yet I’ll take my chances.

  2. I stopped reading after #1
    Don’t buy bread. Instead buy a bread machine. Really !?!???
    You gotta be joking

  3. Drink it out of the tap. Our county water system published a report every so often that gives all the water contents. The system is always as good or BETTER than buying it at the stores. We have our bottles we fill when traveling. There is absolutely no need to waste money buying from stores. Now I agree some water systems may have a taste, but any county or city system has to meet the requirements for purity.

  4. Disagree on the water. In Southern NJ, Best price in town is Wegman’s,35 bottles, 16.9 ounces, at $2.49 Come on.

  5. At least the water coming out of our counties water system has fluoride added to it. Who has actual fresh tasting bottled water?

  6. My water has so many mineral already in it, that I have a hard time even drinking a full glass. I buy Deer Park and I can drink as much as I want without the harsh mineral taste. Works for me. I buy them cheaper at BJs Wholesale club, cheaper than most other places. I also use it in my Keurig for better tasting coffee. As far as demilitarization of my teeth, I eat a fairly balanced diet that negates that very thing. Sorry but it sounds like you cherry picked this one.

  7. Karen, didn’t you read comment? ‘A full 47 percent of bottled water in the US’~~ comes from the tap (faucet) If you find it has too much chlorine (ours does) get a water filter and refillable bottle. It will also save a load of landfill (most disposable water bottles are not recycled)

  8. Barbara McLaughlin

    Contact your municipal water department. Supposed to be providing potable good drinking water. If you live in a town you are paying for it anyway.

  9. Make sure you clean the filters. Plus depending on where you live the water may be contaminated. Not sure if a filter works with that.