12 Classic Game Shows Most People Have Forgotten About

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Most of us have a favorite TV show we loved so much that we used to free our afternoons just for binge-watching. Many viewers have gravitated to game shows as a chance to win huge amounts of money, while others were enjoying the experience of watching someone like them on television. But have you ever thought about what was so special about these television shows, that hooked us so badly? First, the host is very important. The host has to be witty, fun, and entertaining, otherwise, the show is dull. We thought everyone would want a walk down memory lane, so we gathered a list of the most appreciated TV shows we know.

  1. 1 vs. 100 – The NBC trivia game show was initiated in 2006 with Bob Saget as the host. One player was playing against 100 members of the mob on the wall, slowly eliminating members of the group. If the contestant managed to eliminate all 100 people by answering the correct questions, the contestant would earn $1,000,000, but if he answered one wrong question, it would end the game.
  2. Double Dare – This is a classic Nickelodeon TV show, hosted by Marc Summers, where two teams of kids competed against each other in various physical and mental challenges. The team that was closer to winning had to compete in the obstacle course, filled with many messy distractions. The show was revived in 2018 for two seasons.
  3. Hollywood Squares – The first season of this real-life game debuted in 1965. The format hasn’t changed over the years: celebrities would sit in each of the 9 squares. Each contestant had to guess whether or not the celebrities answered a question correctly, and complete a pattern to win money and prizes.
  4. Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? – Comedian Jeff Foxworthy was the host of this entertaining quiz game show, where contestants would play with a group of students, in order to win the $1 million prize. The show was set as a classroom with grade-specific questions.
  5. Password – The show debuted on primetime in ’61 with two teams, each one consisting of a celebrity and a contestant. The rule was for each guest to help the other one guess words using one-word clues.
  6. Minute To Win It – Guy Fieri won the hearts of many with this exciting and popular show on NBC back in 2013. Contestants had one minute to complete a series of games, in order to win the $1 million cash prize.
  7. The Newlywed Game – All the way back in 1966, this popular show had newly-married couples competing against each other, to answer questions about their partners. The most recent revival aired from 2009-2013 on GNS.
  8. Shop ‘Till You Drop – The show aired originally on Lifetime, and eventually moved to PAX. The 90’s show was built to look like a shopping mall and was consisted of multiple teams of two competing for prizes. The final round was a shopping spree, where contestants had to run throughout the mall and pick up prizes.
  9. Split Second – This show was created by Monty Hall and Stefan Hatos in 1972, and it started airing on ABC’s daytime television programming block. Contestants had to answer questions on a wide range of topics as fast as they could.
  10. American Gladiators – The show was based on an ongoing physical competition, and it debuted in 1989, where normal people had to compete against athletes. The show was revived in 2008 on NBC.
  11. Guts – This show was a huge Nickelodeon hit, and it aired for a few years in the ’90s, but the kids of that generation still remember this action-packed sports style game show.
  12. Name That Tune – This classic game show was aired in the ’50s, and it consisted of 2 participants that had to challenge each other to guess different songs. The show also hosted a tournament of champions in the ’80s, where the winner won $100,000.

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