15 Celebrity Deaths That Came Out Of Nowhere

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We all have at least one celebrity that we deeply admire and follow, either because we’re deeply inspired by their choices or we share the same values. But in reality, we all know so little about them and who they really are in their private life.

They might be suffering from diseases, addiction, and mental health issues, and we still wouldn’t be able to know and comprehend their pain.

This goes for some of the celebrities we look up to, so the loss of one of them might come as deeply shocking. Here are some of the celebrities we absolutely loved, but we lost them too soon.

  1. Dustin Diamond – The “Saved by the Bell” alum tragically died at 44 years old, only 3 weeks after being diagnosed with stage IV small cell carcinoma.
  2. Chadwick Boseman – The “Black Panther” actor died at 43 in August 2020, after secretly battling colon cancer for four years. He bravely persevered through it all, filming in between many surgeries and chemotherapy.
  3. Naya Rivera – The former “Glee” star and her child went missing in July 2020, after a boating incident. Her child was found asleep on a vessel, and she was found dead after several days.
  4. Kobe Bryant – The former L.A. Lakers player died in January 2020 after a tragic helicopter crash. His daughter, Gianna, was also killed.
  5. Cameron Boyce – The Disney superstar died at 20 years old in July 2019. He passed away in his sleep after a seizure caused by an ongoing medical condition.
  6. Luke Perry – The “Beverly Hills” and “Riverdale” star died at 52 on 4 March 2019. He suffered a massive stroke five days earlier and remained hospitalized until his death.
  7. Mac Miller – The rapper died at age 26 in 2018, due to a drug overdose.
  8. Anthony Bourdain – The celebrity chef we loved so much sadly took his own life in France at the age of 61.
  9. Kate Spade – The 55-year-old designer was found dead in her New York apartment on June 5, 2018, she had also apparently taken her own life.
  10. Avicii – The Swedish DJ and producer was suffering from acute pancreatitis. He was found dead on April 20, 218, at age 28.
  11. Chester Bennington – The Linkin Park lead vocalist died at 41 on July 20, 2017. According to sources, the singer passed away after hanging himself at his home in Palos Verdes Estates, California.
  12. Chris Cornell – The Soundgarden frontman died at age 52, after a sold-out concert in Detroit. The singer was found dead in his hotel room.
  13. Debbie Reynolds & Carrie Fisher – The Star Wars actress died at 60 years old from a cardiac arrest. One day later, her famous mother passed away at 84 after a medical emergency, which was supposedly a stroke.
  14. Robin Williams – The comedian and Oscar-winning actor died tragically at 63 after he took his own life. The actor was struggling with depression and was struggling with Lewy body disease.
  15. Philip Seymour Hoffman – The famous actor was found dead in his New York City apartment in 2014, of a heroin overdose.

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