13 Things You Can’t Live Without That Were Invented by Hispanic People

Person reading from an e book.
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Some items are so ubiquitous in our lives, we never stop to think where they come from, nor about the geniuses that brought them to life in the first place.

Today, we want to celebrate both incredibly useful inventions and their inventors. The catch? Their inventors are all Hispanic. Can you try to guess them? Here’s a hint, some of these you may use every single day at home while others are carefully nestled inside doctor’s offices or hospitals.

Here are 13 things you can’t live without that were invented by Hispanic people!

The E-book

Want to talk about lesser-known female inventors? Then allow us to present Ángela Ruiz Robles from Galicia, Spain. She was a teacher that knew all too well how much students struggled to carry many books around on a daily basis.

So, she had the bright idea to make it easier for her students by inventing the first mechanical book in 1949. This would allow kids to carry fewer books from one class to the next. Her patented creation was described as a mechanical, electric, and air-pressure driven method for reading books.”

Sadly, this brilliant invention did not get the funding it needed. It would be decades later that the e-book would make it back into the spotlight.

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