50 Most Popular U.S. Suburbs You’ll Want to Move To

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29. Brentwood, Missouri

Home to just over 8,000 residents, Brentwood is home to many young professionals. However, the senior population has also increased (maybe because young parents need more pairs of hands… WHO KNOWS?!).

This St. Louis suburb can easily brag about high-rated schools, a wide variety of parks, and dining establishments. In fact, Brentwood seems to be one of the best suburbs in Missouri.

30. Buffalo Grove, Illinois

If you’re eager to get rid of city life, pick Buffalo Grove, no matter how old you are. This Chicago suburb might be the best option for you. It has close proximity to Chicago, so whenever you want to remember city vibes, you’ll be able to in less than an hour.

All in all, Buffalo Grove has that feeling of an urban-suburban mix, which is perfect for everyone.

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