Here’s How Americans See George Floyd’s Protests and Trump’s Response

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Despite many news outlets and commentators suggesting that the country is more divided than ever, a recent poll suggests that Americans are increasingly more united as the George Floyd’s protests continue to erupt across the U.S.

The litany of inappropriate responses from our current Commander and Chief, Donald Trump such as suggesting bringing in the US Army, shooting looters or hiding in the presidential bunker (a claim he rejected by insisting he was just inspecting it) has sparked a large number of concerns and has been widely criticized by more than a half of Americans who took the same poll.

After the outrage grew, as more and more people viewed the video showing the last moments of Mr. Floyd’s life, taken allegedly trying to use a counterfeit $20, the officers who were “applying” the law that day (May 25) were subsequently fired. Derek Chauvin, the police officer who pressed his knee to Floyd’s neck was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter, on May 29.

Nine days after George Floyd’s killing, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison amended Chauvin’s charges to include second-degree murder, and the other three officers were charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder. A move that has been welcomed in most quarters, especially within the black communities, as it will hopefully quell some of the chaos that is sweeping the streets of many major cities.

YouGov polling suggests that the aforementioned footage of Mr. Floyd’s death, officially declared a homicide on the first day of June, has been watched by 76 percent of Democrats and 70 percent of Republicans.


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Protests will continue to spread across the world and it clearly appears that they will not end too soon as such footage, especially carried out in broad daylight by a so-called officer of the law, has left a deep and lasting scar on the collective psyche of an already fractured world.

The current political landscape of partisanship seems to have been put to one side as members of both parties shared the same opinion when it comes to Trump’s response and inflammatory rhetoric. Democratic Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper that “he should just stop talking,” adding that “he speaks and he makes it worse.”

Also, Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, who was just months into his first term as governor when riots erupted in Baltimore over Freddie Gray’s death at police hands in 2015, said on CNN that he thinks “it’s just the opposite of the message that should have been coming out of the White House.”

Ex-Defense Secretary Jim Mattis who actually kept a low profile since he retired wrote in a statement that “Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people—does not even pretend to try. Instead he tries to divide us.”

Only to have Trump fire back on his favorite platform Twitter with some sort of bizzare showing of unity with ex-president Obama, by writing “Probably the only thing Barack Obama & I have in common is that we both had the honor of firing Jim Mattis, the world’s most overrated General. I asked for his letter of resignation, & felt great about it. His nickname was “Chaos”, which I didn’t like, & changed to “Mad Dog”.


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In recent years, the Republican Party has stood steadfast in its unwavering support for Trump, despite his many bizarre Twitter rants, claims of voter fraud, conspiracies and any number of false and factually incorrect statements.

The Washington Post currently posits that Trump has made 18,000 false or misleading claims in 1,170 days, but his handling of the coronavirus outbreak and the current riots, have left many regretting that decision. Both publicly and privately.

Not since the civil rights movement of the 60’s and protests against the war in Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s, has American seen such widespread unrest. The disproportionate treatment of those on the fringes of American society was felt then, and it has come into wide focus with the events taking place six decades later.

The statistics bare pit the mistreatment of a population who have long been treated as a minority when in fact African Americans are the largest racial minority in 2020’s America.

For example… Did you know that a study by the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences found that black males face the highest risk of being killed by police, at a rate of 96 out of 100,000 deaths against 39 per 100,000 deaths for white males?

One thing is certain: the lady named JUSTICE shouldn’t use her hammer based on skin color and some Americans aren’t helping her either, because there’s a growing racial discrepancy on the streets and we can see it in different situations. Wake up, people! Slavery was abolished in 1865.


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49 thoughts on “Here’s How Americans See George Floyd’s Protests and Trump’s Response”

  1. the problem with crime in the hood (thats when the good and BAD cops come in) has to do mostly with parents. All adults are born as babies,as they grow up the parents job is to train educate and give an example of behavior. It is not a racial thing. SOME people of all races are lacking in the experience of having good parenting. The kids in the hood seem to be the hardest hit. If you have no skills or education to get a job, crime is a way to get money in your pocket and invite the cops( good or BAD ) into your space. The cops are crime stoppers.It can cost you your life.Like any risky behavior. You tell me the reason soo many good looking healthy looking people are doing mischief in the streets every day, instead of productive endeavors. Who to blame ? Trump what was going on when Obama was pres.? So where does the blame fall ? In the begining or in the end. In the begining .

    1. What are you saying? The jogger in Georgia was committing a crime? The two college students tazed while sitting in their car were committing a crime? Do we know the George Floyd was committing a crime? Did he KNOWINGLY pass a fake $20 bill? If so, does that warrant what happened to him? Was that bad parenting?
      You sound like someone with limited critical thinking skills. You obviously are not aware that black skin directly contributes to these incidents. Additionally, the officer knew Floyd from having worked with him. That has nothing to do with parenting. Would a white person passing a fake $20 bill get a knee to the neck? Very unlikely. These incidents have little to do with parenting.

      1. That was well said. People let’s start praying and understanding one another and who we don’t understand let’s take a seat with our families and asked ourselves why do we have other races. Then say to ourselves this not what God would have wanted because he created all people to love one another. Question is where does hate comes from and why do we hate, let’s asked ourselves these questions? Then sit your children down and teach them what the Bible tells us about loving one another as Jesus Christ loved the church and all people of all race. We must stop this now looking at people because of their skin color especially when our skin is black. So thanks to the write who answers the other writer. We need to just pray more and protest for justice for all people who are wrongfully beaten by cops.

    2. Armando Fiallo

      For a few bad policemen they are judging the entire Policemen in the country.
      It is the same if for a few black criminals we judge the entire black community.
      I do not think is fair. Most of the criminals, black and white are taking advantage of the
      protests in order to destroy businesses.
      The media is not mentioning or paying attention how many policemen are killed.

    3. I left a question, why does the mom always include the policeman’s record but never mention floyds records.

      1. I Googled George Floyd record to examine your point . Turns out he is a career criminal , armed robbery , cocaine distribution , leader of some other criminals , jail terms etc . far from the gentle giant father and community man the media has portrayed him as . I guess there is something to fake news !

    4. It started with Obama the worst President ever who hated our country and law enforcement and yea he was born in Kenya if not for President Trump becoming our President we would be screwed he bought back our economy and is the best ever

      1. You,like so many Trumpers have you head in the sand.No President has been more flagrant with corruption at every turn. You and your ilk who voted for him are getting what you asked for, Immorality, lies, corruption, racism. and last but not least an assault on our institutions that threatens our Democracy.

        1. OPEN YOUR EYES…..Before it’s too late…The dems have been investigating for 4 yrs..hard as they try to be creative, they can’t find anything, so they MAKE IT UP…

      2. Thank you Miss Adams you are correct. But prejudice and anti Semitic stops here. It doesn’t matter what Mr Floyd did or didn’t do. Or if he had a record. What the cops did is unethical and should be punished for their murderous crime. Not all cops are evil there is always a few in every crowd whether they are doctors lawyers sales people all walks of life. Those of you destroying people’s business’s should also be tried and put in jail. You are destroying people’s lively hood we are dealing with Covid and you are destroying get a real life you are not helping the protests

      3. Thanks for showing his criminal reports. I understand that he kept spitting at the policeman and that was the reason for being on the ground. However, for whatever reasons, he did not deserve to die. Do not judge this one bad cop when there are so many great ones!

    5. Your point is well taken, especially about good cops, bad cops. Have we forgotten the cops grow up and make a choices regarding their careers. They don’t just materialize. The races/people are schooled together, communicate together graduate and make the choices regarding the people they want to associate with. Along with that the problem appears to occur with policemen appears to be their choice as to why they are there when called. Some take the role as judge and jury !!!. That is not what they are there for, they are law enforcement personnel. They take an oath, to protect and serve. What led to four policemen being assigned to investigate an alleged counterfeit $20.00 bill is where it started. This store owner appears to be shocked at the amount of force and manpower used to assess the concern. Someone need to reinforce all officers they are there to serve and not judge. That is for the courts. Please do not dishonor the uniform by your lack of compassion.

      1. Floyd was a convicted criminal ,drug user, a man who thi nothing of abusing pregnant women and this man is proclaimed a hero??? A leader??? (By Al Sharpton!!) People!! What r u thinking?? Yes those cops were wrong-deserved to be tried, punished. Does that give anyone the right to steal, burn property, kill others??? I say no—never!!!

  2. I couldn’t even get past the first paragraph. I’m an American, born and bred, and I think the riots are just a way to steal and destroy. Yes they are angry but they aren’t honoring Mr. Floyd by killing people, cops, and destroying stores so they can steal the merchandise. These people are using his death as an excuse to commit crimes. Police are practically useless to stop this from happening because they are outnumbered 40 to one.
    As for Trump, he’s an ass and a rich bitch. He’s not the great white hope the trump tramps claim he is. He’s not the fabulous businessman the trump tramps claim he is. He’s a rich snob who’s used to getting his way regardless of who it hurts. He acts like he’s still on that stupid show the apprentice where I first realized he was a POS.
    THE WHITE HOUSE has a revolving door.
    People come in with high praise from trump and in a few weeks to a month he’s firing them because they dared to disagree with the mighty POTUS. Our country and government is the laughingstock of the entire world because of that orange orangutan.
    Don’t say Americans are understanding of the riots. I’m an American and I don’t think it’s ok to riot. Pay tribute to him if you want. But don’t destroy other people’s hard work.

  3. This simple fact that Black athletes are very prevalent in both college and professional sports in this country. It is because they are better athletes and are willing to pay the price of hard work, i.e. conditioning, learning plays and the nuisances of the game(s) they excel in. Thus a great the work ethic. Work hard and succeed. Why hasn’t this simple success story been exploited in the Black community. Answer: The Democrat’s only see control and votes from these communities and thus keep them in servitude with welfare.

  4. America is a wonderful country, and President Trump has the right idea to make it great again. Slavery was abolished 200 yrs ago, the slaves are long gone so lets stop this now. We are all Americans and we are all equal. We all have the same opportunities and we have to get off our asses and work to get what we want and need. Stop WELFARE which is bleeding this country dry–you all can work even the disabled can do a job. Lets all say an end to protests and hand outs–get to work and make us great!

    1. Unfortunate that he has been elevated to Sainthood..No one wants bad policeman, no one wants career criminals and gang members glorified in death…The truth is sometimes good and bad..People are all in on erasing history, whether personal or public, it won’t change a thing…Facing reality and being honest might help…

      1. Those who don’t remember history are doomed to repeat and repeat it. There IS NO body, person, city, religion or country on this planet that has clean hands. To try and erase or change the past is one of the Soviets’, Communists’ and dictators’ greatest efforts.

    2. Carol you are blind. Everyone does not have the same opportunities and if you have ever visited inner city schools you would see that resources are not allocated equally. Classrooms are often overcrowded and often without adequate equipment ( ie…books, laptops, safety equipment for labs). Many of the students do not have someone to help them at home because the parents must often work very long hours or an extra job just to pay the rent. These students fall through the cracks and do not get the additional help they need to overcome the disadvantages they face. Many become discouraged and drop out of school, which just makes it even harder to escape the cycle of poverty.
      I experienced this struggle myself as a child but I was very fortunate to have grown up in the 70’s when there were programs in place that offered tutoring and after school programs so that young children were not left without the help they needed to succeed in school. I had wonderful teachers (not all) who really cared and instilled a love of learning in me. I credit them and my mother for my achievements (college graduate).
      Often some students are angry and some have behavioral problems due to familial problems.
      I am sure that if you had faced these problems during your formative years you too would have struggled (and I’m not even mentioning the poverty, discrimination, and violence that is often present.). Do yourself a favor and become informed of both sides of the issue. I am not defending George Floyd’s actions but I am without a doubt condemning the excessive actions of the police. Their actions were criminal and I am so thankful that people were able to record it live on their phones so there can be no question of guilt in this situation.

  5. Let us look at it this way- if every single human being were blind and you dealt with people on their behavior, would the outcomes be different? Bad is bad no matter how you slice it. I’m not saying that there aren’t individuals out there that don’t go to extreme. As a former law enforcement officer, I dealt with the worst of the worst. Never once did I personally interact with people based on race. I always prided myself on being a fair and just officer making decisions based on the facts and my interactions with people. If I was to deal with a combative individual, once they were subdued, that was the end. There was no need to carry on past that. No excuses for excessive force because you are provided with the tools to bring any situation to an end with the least amount of force possible. Those of you in law enforcement know exactly what I mean. Unfortunately there are those that ride the adrenaline and go to far. So to summarize, the pendulum swings both ways- people are stereo typed as law breakers (which in my book is wrong) and police are all stereo typed as bullies using their badges as carte blanche to use excessive force( also wrong in my book) no matter what race you are! WAKE UP PEOPLE ! STOP BURNING INNOCENT BUSINESS OWNERS ESTABLISHMENTS, ASSUALTING LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS, INOCENT MOTORISTS, OR EACH OTHER. YOUR CONCERNS ARE NOT WITH THESE PEOPLE, BUT THE FEW BAD APPLES THAT NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM THESE POSITIONS. LETS ALL WORK TOGETHER TO CORRECT THESE DISCREPANCIES BOTH ON THE LAW ENFORCEMENT END AS WELL AS CIVILIAN SIDE. HELP BRING THE BAD APPLES TO JUSTICE BOTH IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD AS WELL AS OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES. HOLD THE SUPERVISORS OF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS WHO HAVE BEEN DISCIPLINED PREVIOUSLY FOR EXCESSIVE FORCE ACCOUNTABLE AS WELL. WE LIVE IN THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD THAT’S WHY EVERYONE IS TRYING TO COME HERE. THIS IS THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY IF YOU APPLY YOURSELF TO GETTING AHEAD INSTEAD OF TRYING TO REAP THE BENEFITS OF SOMEONE ELSE’S HARD WORK. HELP EACH OTHER INSTEAD OF TRYING TO HOLD SOMEONE DOWN. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS.

    1. You have made many good points, stated some very good thoughts and a very good way of presenting them. It would help if both sides of a story are told instead of just the “blood leads” to make the News interesting. The “Fair and Even News” and propagandizing isn’t.

  6. The media prints the records of the policeman on most every program.
    Why do we not hear/see the police records of floyd on these fake news outlets.

  7. I think African American people have opportunities out there too… there are millions of black citizens who grow up with an education , have a job , support a family , and so on . Why is it the criminals are made into martyrs? Yes that policeman did a horrific thing . He will pay for the rest of his life. When inner city African Americans pull themselves up and reject drugs , criminal activity, and gangs , also elect public servants who actually care about life in the inner cities then the Police won’t need to be called all the time. Don’t you think they get fed up with this too? Look at yourselves and try to put the blame where it belongs- not on White Privilege, or the fact that your ancestors might have been enslaved. That was then – this is now- you are not enslaved and I am not a plantation owner. Thank You

  8. Rue Bell
    Your analogy is right on and this has been going on for 40 years or more.
    Lack of 2 parent families are a huge contributing factor..

  9. Elizabeth Harper


    June 10, 2020

    Dear President Trump,

    As a Black conservative woman, I would like to share what will make me vote for you in 2020. Your first term, I did not vote for you because I did not know you politically. However, since becoming President, I have stood an awe of your leadership and bold strength of American Patriotism, and your focus on realigning our moral patriotism. I want nothing more than to see you re-elected.

    I ask of you, please, unite this country. Fill the cracks of racial disparity and racial inequality – we as a nation are begging for it, and you are the leader to do it. Fill the cracks of racial inequality with unity. Remove the barriers of racial supremacy. We are all equal Americans protected by the flag and all she stands for.

    Say to the people of this county, “I hear you! We will put an end to racial inequality in the United States, together.” We know that Black blood, White blood, Brown blood, and mixed-blood was shed for this country. The protection of our flag is for ALL of us. We should ALL feel the protection of the laws and the Constitution.

    Say to the KKK, “If you have taken off your hoods – and put on uniforms – you will be discovered and weeded out, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” Say to small and big cities alike, “If you believe you can kill a person of color, just because of the color of their skin, and think you will get away with it – you are wrong. You will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” To employers, “If you are racially profiling your employees, you will be discovered and all federal funding removed, and we will open doors for lawsuits against you.”

    To our men and women in uniform, “You are held in the highest esteem of the community, you are entrusted with our safety, and looked upon to carry out the law as needed when you are called. There are Blue Lives Matter laws to protect you when it’s needed.”

    Today, I am recommending a Purple Lives Matter initiative, one that protects all citizens from officers who do not do their jobs, and abuse the badge and violate our community trust. Together, with your leadership, we will eliminate disparities of all kinds. Everyone will feel the protection of our due process and protection granted by the Constitution of the United States of America, for Americans. We will no longer allow the worst of law enforcement to describe the best of law enforcement.

    President Trump, go down in history for uniting – not separating – our country. You have the fortitude, strength, and broad shoulders to make this happen. There will no longer be black America, or white America – only “Americans.”

    I want you as my President because you represent a lot of what I believe, show me that you want me as your constituent. Unify, unify, unify. This is your time!!!!!

  10. How many people are actually born in Africa that now live in this country?? Maybe people born in America should STOP identifying as African, Asian, Hispanic and try identifying as AMERICAN. When these groups stop putting a label on themselves, then maybe people will view them as plain old AMERICAN. I do believe this along with upbringing and pity for ones self is what continues to divide this nation. I grew up dirt poor in a very rough part of Chicago but I never felt sorry for myself. Even though my parents were divorced, my mother taught me to have respect for others as well as myself.

    1. Lorraine Kemer I agree with you and believe you are correct, We automatically separate our races by using the identifying individual classes. We are AMERICANS first unless we recently migrated. Perhaps this is the major flaw. In the endeavor to be politically correct it has actually caused a divide by referring to individuals by their races.
      Rue Bell you too are correct . This all began with the Dumb”rats” . They actually encourage the behavior you have described by rewarding it with “ENTITLEMENTS” beginning with Kennedy and statistics back it up .
      Life risky behaviors are what drives you to your final destiny . Floyd’s was his. If he had not attempted to pass a bad bill. If he had not been on drugs. Both singly could have resulted in his death. But most certainly it caused his death because “He made a choice” to engage in the activity that ultimately caused his ultimate death

    2. I witnessed murder on TV. No reason for what happened . However I refuse to make Mr Floyd into a hero or an angel as some artist have done . He had a criminal record that was pretty long and some things he did were really bad. To say we don’t need cops is about as stupid as a remark that I have ever heard . The people pushing for this are more then likely the ones who will need the most.
      We just need good cops .
      I know it won’t matter what I do but any athletic event that allows kneeling during the anthem will lose me . Find another way to protest🙏🏽

    3. A lot of people say things are getting better & in some areas it is
      But I look at my people still force to live on Reservations, & only the lucky ones can get money by having casino permits , those that do not much sell at Rodeos, open pow – wows, music, blankets, or fireworks
      Google the Columbia River tribes treaty that President Obama set up so that the tribes can have money to replace their old homes that the three dams would flood
      2018 was the last year for the money trump stole it

    4. I completely agree with you Lorraine. We are all AMERICANS and proud of it. I also believe that the people shouting Black Lives Matter should be shouting ALL LIVES MATTER and stop putting a division between the races. As for me, I think that raising George Floyd to be a martyr is a big mistake. He served in prison FIVE TIMES – not someone to offer up as a martyr. It would be much better to raise up Colbe Bryant as someone to look up to and aspire to be like.

    5. Kenneth Howard

      I guess you are white and still don’t understand. BlackS born in this country are Americans but not treated the same way as white Americans

  11. Well, I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and after watching the treason, sedition, and deep state antics of lies against Kavanaugh, and the fake impeachment hoax, I’m voting for Trump in November. The democrat party is run by America hating fascists, and I will do my part to help re-elect Trump, and save us from this cabal of depraved traitors and America haters.

  12. I am a 64 yr old white women, raised in Georgia by a prejudiced father (dead 20+ yr) who was a cop. My mom said he was KKK. I never saw evidence of that but I heard his words and saw him beat up black people. He would have been prosecuted for brutality today. It was not until I did a career in the Navy that I learned I was racist. My best realization experience was sitting with my Navy coworkers talking about our family lives. There were 8 of us at the table that day. Four white (1 man, 3 women), 3 black men and 1 hispanic. What I learned, as we took turns telling stories about our childhoods, was that my black colleagues were raised in wholesome families, who’s parents were still together, were teachers and principles and successful contributors to society. My family story was….my dad was beating my brother’s head with his big ring stone turned palm side to make goose eggs on his head because he could see to add 1 +2 in the first grade , my mom got the shotgun and pointed it at my dad, he took it from her saying “stupid bitch, it wasn’t loaded…..

    I realized that my socialization was flawed. I was trained that I was superior to my black colleagues. I WAS NOT SUPERIOR. My colleagues had better upbringing than me. I wonder if the racist people even know they are racist. Some do. However how many people might not realize that they were trained to be racist. I feel like I finally grew up and gained emotional maturity. I am still a work in progress but since George Floyd was killed I have wondered if there are others like me.

    I am embarrassed at Trump. I can’t even call him by his title. I think he is a narcissistic megalomaniac racist who has no emotional maturity, no compassion and only is concerned for himself and his wealth. I fear our country will not recover from another 4 years of his lack of humanity. He should be leading the way for police reform.

  13. This has very little to do with pity or your parent’s rearing you. It has everything to do with a country that has stood by for all this time and allowed misconduct/abuse on the part of the police in communities of color and people of color at large. I should have every assurance that I will be given a speeding ticket if I exceed the limit, but more importantly I should leave the scene with my life. I should not be targeted because my skin has more melanin than the guy or gal stopping me. This is about race in American, no matter what prefix in front you characterization of your race. Far to many people want to pretend that this is a color blind society. Far too many people lie to themselves.
    The 45th president of these united states is only an example of what not to be!

  14. Deveree E Mosher

    I feel that you are right on,it is time for these protesters grow up and get on with their lives by the way are they suppose to be someplace else, like at work . they must be getting money from somebody.

  15. What happened to George Floyd was absolutely terrible and the police should be punished ! I am very upset with the fact that George is being treated like a good-standing American and a HERO …….he died the way he lived. His criminal record speaks for itself ! I just wonder how the pregnant woman whose home he broke into and threaten to kill her and the baby feels right now ???
    Now people are pandering to this movement…….you can’t even see Gone With The Wind because people may be offended…..this is crazy.

  16. It shouldnt have happened but it did . People are killed every day but you cant take it out on all the police. Probably everyone but the criminals have called police for help some time or other in their life. Police risk their life all the time with domestic problems they go out and are shot instantly. thats just one example. The above messages are true…alot is a matter how their parents raise them from kids. All lives one should be killed wouldnt that be a perfect situation but it wont happen. I say behave yourself do what the police says they are in command. Why fight them – you cannot win. They are here to make people behave protect. They couldnt pay me enough to do their job.

  17. I am 74 years old. I grew up in an apartment where I shared a bedroom with my older sister. My father worked for the City of New York. We were lower middle class. My grades were good and at age 16 I got into Brooklyn College which at the time was a very hard school to get into. I dropped out of school by 18 because of my grades and went into the Army and eventually to Viet Nam. I came back, went back to school to finish my education. Now, tell me where this nonsense of “white privilege” applies. George Floyd did not deserve to die but he didn’t deserve to be martyred either. The cops were guilty, nobody disagreed so why the demonstrations? Why open the door for anarchists like Black Lives Matter and Antifa. What is happening in this country will go away when these foolish young mostly white boys get tired and go back to partying. Then the anarchists will go back into hiding and wait for the next opportunity and the destruction of the cities will take a long time to fix. White people will leave the cities for the suburbs which will leave the cities more black and racial animosity will not improve. So what was accomplished – death, injury destruction – for what?

  18. I am 82 years young ! If and that is a very big word,we should have never placed anyone to a life long position in- OUR Government ! TERM LIMITS would this country trillions of dollars. For you dems that voice your dis-pleasure with our President, in other countries if you talk negative about your leader you could lose your head ! There is no more hours in the day and our PRESIDENT works more hours than ANY one has in my life time ! One more thing – if the news people would shut the hell up on their opinions, we would solve a lot of problems . God Bless all lives in our great country .

  19. Unfortunately, Blacks kill more whites in the US than the reverse. Just because a person, white, black, yellow, is killed is no justification for the looting and burning that has taken place in many cities across the US. There have been videos of looters driving up in trucks so they can carry their stash. Now you want to justify that because a black man was killed. Ask why they had to restrain him?? He knew the procedure. He had been convicted of more than one crime before. Did he resist? We will never know because the press is using this to vilify the police. God help the cities if there are no police. Chicago Blacks kill more black youth than the rest of the nation. Baltimore blacks kill between 200-300 every year. Similar killings in other cities. The POTUS was trying to protect the innocent people of the city from the looters and the lawless element. Democratic mayors are in favor of letting their small businesses getting looted and the protesters getting free drugs when they break into a pharmacy. Go figure.

  20. Floyd should not have died. He is not the pillar of society he has been made out to be, either, and he is being exploited by those who want their anger to rule. A few bad cops should not define all police officers. There is no white privilege when equal opportunity, education grants based on skin color, and civil rights laws have been around for 60 years. The number of black people in prison is a direct result of the number of crimes being committed by black people. Most white people are not rich and worked hard for what they have. If you look and act like a thug, you will be seen as a thug. I give my children “the talk” about getting home safe and I’m not black. You can’t change/cleanse history by removing all references to it – you LEARN from it so it never happens again. Most white people are not racist. The young people are truly colorblind, don’t make the cause racist and change their perceptions.

  21. Wow!!!!! and guess what Kim, the Democrats planted the virus!!!!! that’s a bitch isn’t it? how about Bill Gates paid the communist party to plant it or even George Soros! we’ll never know but it looks that way seeing the controlling blue states Governors wanting people to stay home and die until there’s a vaccine, that’s what’s going on! Black Lives Matter is nothing more than a Marxist group like Antifa wanting to destroy this country because they hate this country period! it’s all political, trying to get rid of what do you call him? the orange orangoutan? lol that’s twisted, started with the Russian Hoax, then the Impeachment, and then they had the nerves to say that Trump was late about this dam virus while the worthless W.O.A. that we give millions to every year didn’t do a dam thing but be on China’s side and don’t give a rat’s ass about this nation! this is crazy! the Democrats are evil!!!!!! you all better hope and pray that Biden doesn’t win because it will be the end of this country as we know it, will be hell on earth! I promise you! I could go on and on, would take me hours to tell you all that Socialism never worked and never will work! that’s what the party is all about! controlling everything you do, it’s non ending and frightening! so Trump is a piece of cake compared to these evil minds! and Nancy is 80 and must go! retire Nancy!!!! and take Chucky with you!!!!