The Best Places to Shop in America in 2020

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Back in 2019, which paradoxically feels like ages ago, ranking supermarkets from bad to worse was a breeze. Where could you find the best value? Who sold the best produce? Which supermarket had better deals? What about store brand goods?

But we all know 2020 is different. We’ve been hit by an unprecedented, global pandemic that has somehow seeped its way inside every facet of our lives, from how and where we shop to how often we even step out of the house. We’ve also had to actively watch how companies and corporations have responded to the Coronavirus and most of us, as proven by the shocking number of unemployed people, were caught in the line of fire.

Suffice it to say, we’ve learned a lot about our nation and our fellow Americans during the last couple of months. While people still argue and debate over safety measures, it’s hard to really tell when this new normal will end.

But let’s get back on track. Today we’re talking about how supermarkets have coped with the threat of coronavirus. Some have shocked the American public to the core, either abiding by the CDC guidelines or doing the absolute minimum and clutching to profits with everything they had first and foremost. We, as a nation, also had an eye-opening experience: realizing how essentials retail workers were in the face of such a medical threat.

As consumers, what can we do? It’s bad enough that we’ve had to clutch undesirable items from off the shelves because our favorites had been out of stock for weeks, but to realize that we could enact further change by changing our shopping habits again is yet another massive undertaking.

Will you show support and solidarity by not putting money in the pockets of greedy companies? If you’re willing to try, even if it means going out of your way a little bit, even in the midst of a global pandemic, then we’re here to help.

Let’s finally talk about the 6 supermarkets that have become beacons of hope for their communities and their workers! You can show them how much you value their continuous support by relying on them for your weekly shopping trips!

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