20 Bizarre and Hilarious Coronavirus Masks

Image By travelarium.ph From Shutterstock

With the coronavirus still running riot across the country, the supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE), particularly masks, have been in short supply. We as a nation have always been known for our inventiveness and ingenuity, however, some of us have taken some bizarre and comedic choices when it comes to protecting ourselves from the spread of this deadly virus.

So let’s take a look at some of the improvised masks people have slapped on their faces…….


We can only hope and pray he chose a fresh diaper…..



We’re pretty sure the Government guidelines state that people shouldn’t gather in large groups? This guy looks like he’s off to a party!!!



It appears this lady is confusing overwear with underwear…..



Coronavirus or not, someone told this guy to ‘bee’ happy, he took it quite literally…..


What? Even Jason from Friday the 13th needs snacks too. Killing sexy teens at summer camps is hard work you know!!!


FINALLY!!! Someone who is taking the global spread of this deadly virus seriously!!!


Although it might seem like this container is being used to contain a huge brain……we beg to differ…..


Our only working theory is that the roll of toilet roll is there to wipe the drool from his mouth as he revels in all the good things he did with his engineering degree…..


Someone call the cops!!! There’s a cereal killer on the loose!!!


We can’t work out if she’s protecting herself from the coronavirus or she’s been eaten by a jellyfish???


With social distancing orders still in place, these two have definitely got enough space…..


I know these are dark times, but does this guy really need to go to the dark side???


When this guy climbed out his time machine someone warned him he might get corona, apparently he did…..


Protection from the coronavirus AND the latest headlines, what’s not to love???


I know of someone who is not going to catch coronavirus two knight…..


She’s got this whole coronavirus prevention thing in the bag…..


It’s bad enough we have to deal with a global pandemic, but an alien invasion as well!!!


This person clearly couldn’t bear to catch the virus…..


It’s so nice to see someone taking their health so seriously…..


The coronavirus outbreak ISN’T a hoax??? Phffffff, next you’ll be telling me rainbow unicorns exist…..



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