15 Amazing Suburbs with Under $1000 Mortgages/Month

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Given the fact that the average rent cost in the U.S. has reached $1,700 per month you may want to search options for buying a new home, maybe in another city where you can enjoy lower living costs and home prices. With a little research and a little help from articles like this one you may and will find an amazing place to live in with maybe even half the costs you are spending now.

Based on data from studies about the best suburbs in every state, we found 15 amazing suburbs where the monthly mortgage payment is under $1,000 per month. We picked the following suburbs based on three important perspectives: cost of living (nonhousing necessities, like utilities, healthcare, transportation and groceries), safety and quality of schools. The suburbs are ranked from the highest to the lowest monthly mortgage payment.

You should take in consideration saving up by limiting your house budget to $1,000 per month or even less, as you could enjoy other things more by living in the suburbs. So, starting with the following list maybe you will start the research that will help you move in a more affordable housing, thus giving you and your family the chance of financial growth.

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