15 Amazing Suburbs with Under $1000 Mortgages/Month

Given the fact that the average rent cost in the U.S. has reached $1,700 per month you may want to search options for buying a new home, maybe in another city where you can enjoy lower living costs and home prices. With a little research and a little help from articles like this one you may and will find an amazing place to live in with maybe even half the costs you are spending now.

Based on data from studies about the best suburbs in every state, we found 15 amazing suburbs where the monthly mortgage payment is under $1,000 per month. We picked the following suburbs based on three important perspectives: cost of living (nonhousing necessities, like utilities, healthcare, transportation and groceries), safety and quality of schools. The suburbs are ranked from the highest to the lowest monthly mortgage payment.

You should take in consideration saving up by limiting your house budget to $1,000 per month or even less, as you could enjoy other things more by living in the suburbs. So, starting with the following list maybe you will start the research that will help you move in a more affordable housing, thus giving you and your family the chance of financial growth.


Plum, Pennyslvania

Metropolitan area: Pittsburgh

Monthly mortgage payment: $997

Plum is an amazing place to live in

First of all, the city of Plum, Pennyslvania is the safest suburb to live in, as it registers the lowest crime rate among all the suburbs in this list, with only 4.55 property crimes per 1,000 people. Additionally, Plum is well known for the wide range of outdoor activities that the landscape can offer, for example you can go fishing, hiking, boating or skiing. Also, here is the home of the Oakmont Country Club, a renowed golf course which has hosted the U.S. Open nine times. From a financial perspective, residents of Plum have to pay annually for nonhousing necessities around $17,047.66, thus rendering the city as being the fourth-cheapest total in this list.


La Vergne, Tennessee

Metropolitan area: Nashville

Monthly mortgage payment: $951

La Vergne is an amazing place to live in

You surely have heard of Nashville, best known for being the country music capital of the whole wide world. Well, La Vergne, Tennessee is the suburb of Nashville, where you can buy a house with $209,900, a price that is far below the median price for Tennessee, which is around $289,000, as Zillow informs us. Plus, this suburb is placed next to the Percy Priest Lake that spreads across a surface of 14,000 acre, allowing the locals to enjoy lots of outdoor activities, such as boating, fishing and more others.


Altamonte Springs, Florida

Metropolitan area: Orlando

Monthly mortgage payment: $940

Altamonte Springs is an amazing place to live in

Who doesn’t want to go the Disney World? How about living in the nearby proximity? Altamonte Springs is placed just outside of Orlando, Florida where you can find the famous Walt Disney World and plan an amazing day with the whole family. Also, here are available many potent senior programs, thanks to the new Westmonte Recreation Center. So, if you see yourself living in this amazing city, you may want to know that you can a buy a house with approximately $200,000.


Lexington, South Carolina

Metropolitan area: Columbia

Monthly mortgage payment: $932

Lexington is an amazing place to live in

Lexington, South Carolina ít’s just minutes away from the Riverbanks Zoo & Garden, a widely known zoo and botanical garden. Additionally, people in this town benefit from a county property tax rate of 0.541%, which is the third-lowest rate among the best suburbs with mortgages under $1,000 per month. Consequently, it’s easy to see why living in Lexington seems so tempting.


Mayfield Heights, Ohio

Metropolitan area: Cleveland

Monthly mortgage payment: $917

Mayfield Heights is an amazing place to live in

Mayfield Heights is a great place to live in. First of all, is considered relatively safe, registering the lowest violent crime rate among all the suburbs on this list, at 0.7 violent crimes per 1,000 residents, and the fourth-lowest property crime rate. Second, Mayfield Heights has great quality schools, here being located the Mayfield City School District that was awarded a stellar A-plus overall grade from Niche. And to top all of this, residents spend only $16,512.82 per year on nonhousing necessities, thus making Mayfield Heights the cheapest suburb

on this list to live in.

Fairfield, Ohio

Metropolitan area: Cincinnati

Monthly mortgage payment: $876

Fairfield is an amazing place to live in

Fairfield, Ohio, the suburb of Cincinnati is an amazing place for families with young children. Why you may ask? Well, because the Fairfield School District, like Mayfield Heights, received a phenomenal A-plus grade from Niche. Plus, they have affordable mortgages and the total per year for nonhousing necessities is the second-cheapest total in this list by being exactly $16,787.39. Additionally, the residents of Fairfield save a lot on groceries, healthcare, transportation and utilities.


Maryland Heights, Missouri

Metropolitan area: St. Louis

Monthly mortgage payment: $840

Maryland Heights is an amazing place to live in

If you are looking for a great place with quality schools and low housing prices, you have found it in Maryland Heights, Missouri. Here you can find the Parkway School District and the Pattonville R-III School District, two of only four school districts in this list that have received A-plus grades from Niche.  Plus, in Maryland Heights the median home list price is well below the national average being only $165,000.


Cabot, Arkansas

Metropolitan area: Little Rock

Monthly mortgage payment: $805

Cabot is an amazing place to live in

Like others suburbs among this list, Cabot, Arkansas has great schools and relatively low prices, making it an ideal place for families. The Cabot School District received a satisfactory A-minus grade from Niche, so if you have young children, you can be sure here they will benefit from a good education. Also, in Cabot people spend an average of $17,541.04 per year on nonhousing necessities, this being the fifth-cheapest total from this list.


Claremore, Oklahoma

Metropolitan area: Tulsa

Monthly mortgage payment: $799

Claremore is an amazing place to live in

In this suburb of Tulsa, Claremore, Oklahoma, people are relatively safe, as it registers the fifth-lowest violent crime rate among all the suburbs on this list, with 1.66 incidents per 1,000 residents. Also, in Claremore you can find a 1,200 acre Lake Park and a 7,000 square foot Community Skate Park, the latter being designed with the help of the local skating community for enthusiasts of all skill levels.


Socorro, Texas

Metropolitan area: El Paso

Monthly mortgage payment: $792

Socorro is an amazing place to live in

Socorro, Texas is a safe suburb of El Paso that offers fair housing. Here the crime rates are relatively low, for violent crimes as well as for property crimes, with 1.56 violent crimes and 10.4 property crimes per 1,000 residents, these being the fourth and fifth lowest crime rates for each respective categories from this list. Additionally, in Socorro you can buy a house with only $137,925, this being the second-cheapest median home list price in this list.


Lebanon, Indiana

Metropolitan area: Indianapolis

Monthly mortgage payment: $791

Lebanon is an amazing place to live in

Lebanon, Indiana has the third-cheapest total cost of nonhousing necessities, with $16,974.57 per year being spent on healthcare, transportation, groceries and utilities. So, not only this suburb is an excellent choice for people that are in search of a wallet-friendly community, but it’s also safe, with only 0.88 violent crimes (third-lowest crime rates) and 6.56 property crimes (second-lowest crime rates) per 1,000 residents.


El Reno, Oklahoma

Metropolitan area: Oklahoma City

Monthly mortgage payment: $672

El Reno is an amazing place to live in

This particularly suburb is very affordable, as in you can even buy two houses for the price of an average home in the U.S. In El Reno, Oklahoma, you can spend only $139,900 in the process of buying a house, this being the fourth-cheapest home list price in this list. If you think that the national median home list price is $150,000 above the aforementioned price, you will for sure conclude that living in El Reno is indeed a good deal.


Millbrook, Alabama

Metropolitan area: Montgomery

Monthly mortgage payment: $665

Millbrook is an amazing place to live in

First of all, the climate here is awesome, with long, warm summers and relatively mild and short winters. So, if climate is your main interest when searching for a new home, you should surely look onto Millbrook, Alabama. Additionally, you will enjoy a county property tax of only 0.298%, this being the lowest tax rate amid all the suburbs from this list.


New Haven, Indiana

Metropolitan area: Fort Wayne

Monthly mortgage payment: $662

New Haven is an amazing place to live in

I guess you can say it’s kind of a little heaven here in New Haven, Indiana, especially when it comes to financial considerations. This means you can buy a house at half of the average home list price in the U.S., with only $139,900, or the third-lowest median home list price in this list. Also, the residents need  a number of $16,974.57 per year for nonhousing necessities, such as transportation, utilities, healthcare and groceries.


Pearl, Mississippi

Metropolitan area: Jackson

Monthly mortgage payment: $658

Pearl is an amazing place to live in

Pearl, Mississippi can offer you, as well as others suburbs in this list, a safe and relatively cheap environment to live in. To be more precise, the residents enjoy a median home list price of $146,650, which is the fifth-cheapest list price in this list, and a county property tax rate of 0.641%, which is the fourth-lowest tax rate. Additionally, in the suburb of Pearl the crime rates are second-lowest for violent crimes and third-lowest for property crimes amid all the suburbs in this list, the numbers being 0.75 for violent crimes and 7.88 for property crimes per 1,000 residents.


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