20 Places Where You Can Catch the New Delta Variant

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  • Hiking – By going outside for a walk or a hike, you might believe you’re safe from Covid-19. But if you’re hiking on a crowded trail, you’re not ‘outside’ the risk. But if you want to reduce your risk, wear a mask and stay at least six feet away from others.
  • Visiting the state park or other outdoor areas – Although anyone might think that wide and open spaces and outdoor areas are safer, you still have to be careful with restrooms, visitor centers, or popular attractions. The crowdedness in those places might put you at risk.
  • Getting gas – As long as you’ll avoid a crowded gas station that has strict rules of social distancing, you’ll be safe going to pump gas. It’s important to remember that the pump and buttons that you’re touching have been touched by others as well. So, for extra safety, make sure you use hand sanitizer after you finish.
  • Shopping at a farmer’s market – The risk of spreading the new Delta variant at a farmer’s market is lower only if your local government enforcers have taken care of a proper protocol for vendors. Otherwise, it’s not safe, so you better be sure you’re comfortable with the risk.
  • Waking downtown – In every city’s downtown areas there is a higher risk of infecting with Covid-19 because these highly populated places make it harder to socially distance.
  • Going to any grocery store – Most grocery stores have strict guidelines, such as mask-wearing and social distancing. But if the store is more crowded than usual and someone doesn’t follow the rules, you’re at risk of contracting the virus.
  • Waiting in line for to-go food – Waiting in line for to-go food inside a restaurant where you’re closer to people, it’s a risk of contracting the virus. This is especially true if no one wears the mask.
  • Going to school – Luckily, there are several safety procedures in educational institutions, such as mask mandates and social distancing guidelines. All these procedures ensure the safety of children. Even so, if someone doesn’t respect them, it’s likely to catch the virus.
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