11 Stores You Definitely Won’t Be Shopping From This Holiday Season

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Lord & Taylor

One of the first department stores that we’ll have to say goodbye to is Lord & Taylor. They’ve been struggling a lot, financially speaking, lately, so when the coronavirus swept the nation there was little that the company could do to stay afloat.

It’s hard to describe what we’ll miss the most. Perhaps it’s the atmosphere inside every store or the iconic mannequins. Some might shed a tear over the Christmas windows they’ll never get to see again, or the stunning logo. Who knows?

There were many things that made Lord & Taylor the perfect place to shop for presents, and we’re sad to see it go away!

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/


Woolworth’s hasn’t been around anymore since 1997, but all these years later we still miss the store terribly.

This was a favorite among consumers, whether you wanted to pick up decorations or look for gifts for your loved ones. We also can’t help but mourn their lunch counter. How many of us didn’t stop by for a little bite to eat while shopping there?

One thing’s for sure, Woolworth’s will never be forgotten!

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