12 Best Paid Part-Time Jobs You Should Do Right Now


Through Caviar, you’ll be delivering food when business is open between 8 a.m. and 11:30 p.m, and you’ll be earning money for each completed task. Drivers claim to earn up to $25 dollars in cities where the service is operational. Signing up, however, implies an interview and an in-person session. Despite it being a little more complicated, it’s definitely a service worth looking into.



If you want your car to make money for you while you’re at work, consider signing it up on Getaround. The service allows people to share vehicles around the city, which can net you around $800 a month. Of course, not a lot of people can trust strangers with their cars but on top of the good wage, you’ll also be contributing to helping the environment. After all, more shared cars = less traffic, less pollution.

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