36 Amazon Prime Perks You’re Probably Not Using – but You Should!

Free Delivery to Your Car

This delivery option is currently unavailable, again, due to the pandemic. But it’s a great way to deter porch pirates. Instead of having your products delivered to your home, you can instead have them delivered and stored in your car, either in the truck or in the cabin.

Keep in mind that only certain cars have this option in only 37 cities so far. Buicks, Cadillacs, GMCs, and Chevrolets have this option, but only 2015 and later models, if you have an active OnStar account. Also, you can deliver packages to your Volvo if you have a Volvo on Call account or to some Lincoln, Honda, Acura, and Ford models.

You will need the Key by Amazon app, which allows delivery people to access your car, so long as it is parked in an “open, street-level, and publicly accessible area.” Just make sure your package fits in your car before you order it!

The process is seamless too. First, you’ll get a four-hour window notification, after which you’ll be notified when the driver arrives. They will also notify Amazon before unlocking your car and leaving your purchase inside. Finally, you’ll get one more notification once your vehicle is locked.

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1 thought on “36 Amazon Prime Perks You’re Probably Not Using – but You Should!”

  1. Joan N Oestreich

    Yes! These advantages are great! I had no idea. Thank you for this email to help me learn what is available.