36 Amazon Prime Perks You’re Probably Not Using – but You Should!

In-Garage Delivery When You’re Not Home

Finally, here’s an option that is NOT put on hold due to COVID-19! You can have your items safely delivered to your garage instead, also using the Key by Amazon app. Available in more than 4,000 cities, this option is free for Prime members and also includes Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh deliveries.

Drivers will have to confirm their identity and delivery route before stopping by your home. Then, they will gain temporary access to your home and are allowed no more than 5 feet inside your garage. Follow their movements with an optional in-garage camera.

And, yes, all drivers are vetted for this process.

If your garage doors won’t work with the Key app, you can install a myQ smart garage hub and you’re good to go!

Next, gate? Great!…..

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1 thought on “36 Amazon Prime Perks You’re Probably Not Using – but You Should!”

  1. Joan N Oestreich

    Yes! These advantages are great! I had no idea. Thank you for this email to help me learn what is available.