Here’s How You Can Save $100 or $1,000 by Barely Lifting a Finger!

Brew Your Own Coffee

Depending on your choice of beverage, you could be spending between $65 and $120 a month on coffee. Many people consider this to be their daily pick-me-up, but you could achieve the same results at home with high-quality beans.

Just pour your coffee in a travel mug for coffee on the go and you’re all set to save a ton of cash by giving up on this daily allowance.

Switch Grocery Stores

Big-name grocers often come with big spendings. Even if you don’t really think you’re spending much on groceries, to begin with, making a temporary switch to discount chains such as Aldi could save you a lot of money. By doing so repeatedly, you’ll notice just how much cash you could save.

According to the company, customers who rent carts for a quarter and bag their own groceries save up to 50% on their tabs. Think about it. By saving even $25 a week, you could end up with $100 at the end of the month. Rinse, repeat, save!

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