Here’s How You Can Save $100 or $1,000 by Barely Lifting a Finger!

Buy Generic

Many people don’t even consider buying generic items when they’re out shopping. What they don’t know is that the FDA says you could save up to 85% per purchase if you do- so why not?

Well, you might have certain favorites that you’re unwilling to part ways with. That and the way grocery stores are organized makes it difficult for us to consider our options. The trick? Don’t shop at eye level!

Temporarily Freeze Your Spending

Organize freeze times for your spending will help you avoid any impulse buys. The problem is that not many Americans realize how much spending ‘here and there’ really adds up.

Here’s an idea: freeze your spendings for just one week. That means that you won’t be visiting any stores such as Costco or Target, which will force you to make do with whatever’s left in your fridge or pantry. We’re positive you can come up with creative meals with what you already own.

Of course, we’re not saying you should avoid buying essential items, but when you do, be mindful of what you buy and try to get generic products instead of brand ones.

Change Your Office Hours

Many people might not be able to change their office hours, but if you can, you should definitely try it. On average, we waste about $1,200 a year on fuel and time, but in cities such as Los Angeles and New York, this amount doubles!

Going to work early or late will help you avoid traffic congestion, meaning you’ll spend less money on gas and spend less time stressing out about traffic.

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