7 New Hobbies You Need to Try Out for the Rest of Quarantine

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Very, very soon, we will reach the first year milestone of the Coronavirus Pandemic. For a lot of us, that means we’ve been stuck indoors with minimal outdoor activities for almost 12 months! It’s kind of bizarre to think about all the things we missed out on.

Equally bizarre is the fact that some of us have adapted pretty well, undoubtedly thanks to our hobbies and staying in touch with our friends, families, and jobs online!

At this point, however, we’ve pretty much tried them all. Painting, learning how to play a new instrument, dancing, honing in our kitchen skills. But as the days go on and on we may need to start looking for other activities to see us through the rest of the pandemic!

Today, we’re ready to give you 7 brilliant hobby ideas you need to try out in order to stay sane indoors for a little bit longer.

Cursive and Calligraphy

Have you been picked on in school for your abysmal handwriting skills? Were you constantly compared to other kids?

Well, even if you now rely on technology to write, there’s no reason for you not to improve your handwriting. You could even get so good at it that you might be able to sell hand-written invitations for various events!

Luckily, there are a lot of resources out there for hand lettering and modern calligraphy, both free and paid. All it takes is finding the right one, gathering some resources, and getting started!

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