7 New Hobbies You Need to Try Out for the Rest of Quarantine

Photo by Dragon Images – Shutterstock.com

Soap Making

Soap making has become an increasingly popular hobby. There are plenty of crafty people setting up YouTube Channels and Etsy shops, filled with their own creations. Perhaps it’s time to you to join their ranks.

Any soap maker will tell you that while this isn’t an easy hobby to get into, it’s incredibly satisfying! Plus, if you get started now, before long you can start making soap to gift to your loved ones, not just to pamper yourself!

We found this DIY Soap Making Kit for just $50 on Amazon, which features six fragrances, shea butter soap base, 6 dyes, measuring cups, dry flowers, and 2 silicone square molds among others- the perfect way to start your up and coming soap making business!

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