7 Things Interior Designers Wouldn’t Waste Their Money on Next Time

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Whether we are talking about our furniture, tile countertops, or rugs, the truth is that we have all made trendy choices that we regretted later on, right? There are some interior design ideas that look really cringe worthy in this decade, but don’t worry, because you will find out what to change or replace after reading this article. 

To be honest, there are also some interior design features from the past that have a unique charm and it really makes them feel and look historic or vintage. But unfortunately, others haven’t passed the test of time and look outdated. So, if you want your home to be fashionable or you are thinking about selling it, then you have to take into consideration some changes, but whatever you want to do, don’t waste your money on these things next time. 

Here are some things that interior designers wouldn’t waste their money on! So, read on to find out more info!


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Buying mass-produced art on impulse

One of the most important rules that you have to take into consideration when it comes to interior design is to choose wall art. Because of this, many people want to follow this rule and cover their empty walls, so they tend to choose mass-produced art on impulse. But this is one of the biggest mistakes that homeowners do often. Instead, you have to choose art based on your preferences, so buy something that complements the whole style of your house. You can also opt for digital art, but don’t choose something that can be found in at least 100 houses. 

“Often I see people buy mass-produced art on impulse because they’re nervous about filling a blank wall,” said Abbe Fenimore, owner and principal designer at Studio Ten 25.

Don’t rush this process and wait until you find something that you really like and fits the entire style of your room. This decision will make you happier in the long run, because you chose something to your taste and not what is on trend.


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White statement furniture can be a bad idea

Of course, white furniture is really beautiful and can be a great idea, especially if you want to obtain a minimalist style, but buying a white sofa or armchair can be a good idea only if you live alone and don’t have a big family or pets. 

That being said, if you really want to opt for a minimalist style and think that white furniture looks great in your room, then choose a light grey or beige sofa to complement the style, but don’t choose a white one because you will have to change or wash it often.

Fennimore has a white sofa and said that it was a “completely ridiculous” purchase. “You have two dogs and you spray tan all the time? It’s not going to work,” she adds.


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Removable slip covers

Many people use removable slip covers because they are easy to maintain and all you have to do is to throw them in the washing machine. But not only does it move when you sit on that chair, but it also costs a lot of money. According to interior designers, you shouldn’t spend money on those dining chair slipcovers. 

“They can be quite expensive, and it’s hard to keep them looking nice and crisp. The truth is that they move around a lot when you sit on them,” said interior designer Charmaine Werth. 

Instead, you can opt for chairs with detachable cushion, because they are cheaper and involves a simpler cleaning process, as you can only wash the pillowcase.


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A hardwood pergola in your backyard

We know that a hardwood pergola would be amazing in your backyard, especially if you have a large outdoor space, but be careful where you place it, because it can be a mistake. 

For instance, Werth lives on an island where the climate allows her to dine outdoor all year round. She wanted to beautify her patio, so she poured “a lot of money into installing a hardwood pergola over the entire courtyard,” and decorated it with natural vines. Of course, the result was amazing and inspiring, but it seems that it wasn’t a good idea for the days when you want to eat outdoors. “It’s terrible for me to complain about nature,” says Werth, “but the leaves and birds are a nightmarish mess, especially when you’re eating.”


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Decorating your children’s room

When it comes to decorating your children’s room, the best solution is to keep it simple until they are four or five years old. The idea is to wait until they are big enough and find out their personality, so after this process, you should decorate their room according to their tastes. 

For instance, Tiffany LeBlanc, the owner of a boutique interior design firm, has twin daughters and she put them in separate bedrooms when they were babies. “I put them in separate bedrooms, but as soon as they turned three and a half they wanted to share a room,” says LeBlanc. “I personally would wait until they’re 3 or 4 to design a room reflective of who they are,” she adds. 

In addition, don’t forget to opt for a modern style that can be kept longer, even when your kids are growing. Because otherwise, you have to spend a lot of money on redecorating your children’s room.


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Buying expensive furniture that is on trend

We have to admit that trendy and stylish furniture is beautiful and looks amazing in every home, but opting for it can be a mistake, especially if you don’t want to invest a lot of money in new home renovation projects in the long run. 

To be more specific, people will get bored of certain things that are in vogue these days, and unfortunately, as a consequence, these trends will soon disappear, so other old trends will return to the top of people’s preferences. For instance, when it comes to kitchen trends, the color grey is everyone’s favorite neutral at the moment, but people will get bored of this shade and will return to a classic look, such as white furniture. “There’s a reason why white kitchen cabinetry has been around for so long,” said LeBlanc. 

That’s why you should opt for classic white furniture or cheap accessories that are easy to replace. In fact, not everything that is expensive and popular is worth the money.


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Mass-produced mid-century furniture

Many pieces of mass-produced mid-century furniture were created for a certain era, so they weren’t meant to last as long as they have. But nowadays, people buy retro furniture just because it is on trend, so they are able to spend a lot of money on it without making sure that these pieces are really worth that amount of money. If you really want to buy mid-century modern furniture, make sure that the quality-price ratio is a good one.

According to Eric Cohler, owner of the eponymous full-service design firm, a lot of it was mass-marketed, made of plywood, and meant to be disposable.” He also said that midcentury furniture isn’t always comfortable, “you really can’t flop into an Eames or Saarinen Tulip chair,” he adds. 

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