9 Interesting Home Decorating Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Whether you have a natural eye for design or not, some rules of inspiration and design will never go wrong, right? So, it’s important to know that before starting a new home project, you need to learn a few essential design rules to avoid major mistakes. 

If you are not sure how to complete a gallery wall or don’t know what color to choose for your living room, these tips will absolutely help you create your dream house without any problem. 

So, here are some fascinating interior decorating secrets only experts know! Read on for more info!


Start new DIY home projects

DIY projects are easy to make and do not require huge amounts of money, so you can take advantage of this opportunity and opt for as many projects as possible. “If punk rock has taught me anything, it’s to do everything yourself. All of my favorite interior designers were self-taught,” said interior designer, Max Humphrey. 

So, don’t be afraid to try new things and you should let your creativity explode from time to time. DIY home projects are a good way to motivate and inspire you, but the most important thing is to let yourself be guided by your own feelings, tastes and instincts when renovating your home.


You can dare more

Don’t forget that you want to redecorate your own house, not someone else’s, so you can be more daring and opt for more extravagant accessories and accents that make your house look bigger and more luxurious. “Do something groovy on the actual steps! The bolder you go, the bigger the smile when you see them,” said interior designer, Fawn Galli.

So, you can focus more on the staircase and all you have to do is to use different colorful carpets or paint the material, it depends on your tastes. The staircase is one of the most important elements of your home, so try to emphasize them in a beautiful way.


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Mix old and new decor styles

Even if some home accessories or pieces of furniture are now more fashionable than ever and others have lost their value over time, there are certain items that can be combined to create a special modern look. So, if you still have some old pieces of furniture, don’t throw them away, because they are still useful. 

“Old and new belong together. A mix of modern pieces and antiques never tires,” said interior designer, Caleb Anderson.

In fact, repurposing old furniture is good for both you and the environment, especially because you will be surrounded by a lot of things that you really love. You can opt for old artwork to fill some empty spaces or you can directly paint your walls.


Choose the right lighting

As you probably know, one of the most important things that you have to take into consideration when redecorating your home is choosing the right lighting. In addition, you have to choose the right light bulb for every single room in your house and this task can be quite complicated sometimes. Also, you have to choose from the ambient, task or accent lighting and bright, dim, hanging, wall, or LED lights. Would you prefer pendants, chandeliers or lamps? Well, you should know exactly what you want and choose the right lighting. 

For instance, you should use warm lighting in your bedroom, bright light in your dining and living room and bright LED lights in your bathroom. 

“Choosing the right light bulb is very important. LED bulbs are energy efficient, and they can look great,” said interior designer, Paloma Contreras.


Try wicker elements

Wicker is usually made of willow, rattan, reed and bamboo or other synthetic fibers. You can try wicker elements if you want to decorate your patio and porch. They will transform your terrace into a boho and modern one, complementing other styles. 

“Wicker is an element I love for its texture and versatility. Wicker baskets are so functional for storage, but a wicker animal brings a sense of whimsy,” said interior designer, Amy Berry.


Change your light switches

“Update your light switches! Elegant controls add a spectacular element to an older home or character to a new one,” said interior designer, Courtney Hill. 

Whether you just want to replace your old switches because they look outdated or want to add extra features, this change is good for your home. Replacing your old switches might not be on the top of your list, but upgrading these little details will make a difference and you will notice an improvement in the style of your house. According to home experts, you can upgrade your light switches by yourself on a low budget. 

For instance, if you love colors, there are certain switches that come in multiple colors and in metallic finishes, such as black, nickel and graphite. You can also find switches that have a lot of smart options.


You can opt for vintage items

“Great art and fabulous antiques only get better with age. It’s better to try once and have a forever piece,” said interior designer, Chandos Dodson Epley. 

Upgrading the decor of your house with antique elements is a great idea and comes from our innate need for a connection to the past. Antique items will help you transform your home into a historic site full of value. If you want to blend the old world with a sense of the new, then all you have to do is to choose some vintage pieces of furniture and home accessories. 

“The juxtaposition of contemporary pieces with antiques makes a room young and alive. We should not attempt to create museums, but rather should strive for comfortable living spaces of character and beauty,” said Rose Tarlow, author of The Private House.

Nevertheless, it’s very important to focus on how a piece of furniture makes you feel, rather than when it was made. “The history of furniture has been fueled by them,” says interior designer, Anthony Baratta. “My feeling is if something is lovely, it’s lovely. Everyone is hung up on ‘period appropriate,’ but that’s really not how people live now.”

So, if you want to spruce up your space, then mix old and new objects. “You want a place to feel rooted,” said interior designer, Peter Dunham. “I layer reclaimed things so you can’t tell what’s new and what’s old.”


Be creative and trust your instinct

Creativity is an essential element in terms of interior design, and so is your intuition. “Follow your gut. If you have to talk yourself into liking something, you probably don’t,” said interior designer, Olivia Erwin. 

Next time when you want to redecorate your house, try to activate and trust your intuition. The truth is that we all have it, but you have to pay more attention to what you really want. Before starting, try to take a moment and feel your room, so, no kids, TV, phone, animals, or other things that can distract you.

You can add a bar as well

Adding a bar is a great idea, especially if you prefer to drink at home in your pajamas and want to make your home look more beautiful.

“Every house should have a great bar. It is the central point of a party, and if you entertain a lot, it will be celebrated, so put some thought into it,” said interior designer, Jordana Joseph.


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