20 Best Suburbs To Live In With City-Like Vibes and Amenities

Scouting for the perfect suburb

2020 has brought many changes to our lives because of the pandemic, from wearing face masks in all public places to spending our holidays away from our families and friends, to shopping online more than ever and…surprisingly or not, to moving from the bigger, busier cities to smaller, cozier suburbs.

One of the reasons for this moving trend is the fact that Americans have started working from home more instead of from the office, therefore, no longer required to live close to their workplace, thus, the search for a new, cozier place to call their work-from-home office. As one customer United Van Lines, the nation’s largest mover of household goods, explained, “given the remote environment and projected vision of remote working condition, our family opted to move out of the city to a beach location with a smaller footprint and less stressful (and) busy community.”

However, Americans don’t want to move just about anywhere. They want suburbs that best combine suburban life and city amenities, minus the exorbitant real estate prices and high costs of living. If you are also thinking of moving to a smaller, less hectic place, either to be closer to your extended family or to take a break from the chaotic city life, we’ve made a list of the top x most affordable suburbs in the United States which offer a wide variety of city-like businesses, restaurants, nightlife and cultural options.

Edison, New Jersey (New York)

Standard Home Value: $409,735

This small town in Middlesex County, New Jersey is considered one of the best places to spend your life in peace and harmony. Originally called Raritan Township, the town was later named in honor of inventor Thomas Edison who had his famous laboratory in Menlo Park.

In Edison, there are plenty of things to do, from enjoying a delicious coffee or lunch at one of the many coffee shops and restaurants, to visiting the Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Tower or the Thomas Edison Museum. For activities that have nothing to do with the invention of the light bulb, you can visit the numerous parks, hiking trails and lakes in the area such as Farrington Lake or Rutgers Ecological Preserve.  Money Magazine has included this small suburban town in the “most livable small city in the country” top, with Edison ranking 28th.

Lancaster, California (Los Angeles)

Standard Home Value: $337,916

Located approximately an hour north of downtown Los Angeles, Lancaster is well-known for its art and cultural events such as the famous California Poppy Festival. Held annually, the festival brings more than 60,000 visitors to the area to admire the Californian poppy.

Lancaster also has a lot to offer in terms of urban sightseeing and cultural events. It is the proud home of the BLVD, a new and improved arts and entertainment district of downtown Lancaster, as well as the Lancaster Museum of Art and History which showcases large collections of art and artifacts as well the Lancaster Performing Arts Center.

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Joliet, Illinois (Chicago)

Standard Home Value: $160,611

Nested in Will County, the city of Joliet is very well- known for being the home of the Chicagoland Speedway and for hosting annual racing competitions and events. But Joliet has so much more to offer in terms of what to see and do for anyone who decides to live in this part of Illinois.

From family-friendly activities like going to an all-American game of baseball or enjoying the iconic rides at the Splash Station Waterpark to more artsy and cultural activities such as visiting the Jacob Henry Mansion Estate, one of the most beautiful Victorian buildings in the area or enjoying Broadway shows, dance recitals, musical concerts at the Rialto Square Theatre.

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